The Failing Attacks on Trump


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Why the hysterical Democrats, entrenched Republican’s and their propagandists, the MSM, feel it’s important to continue their attacks on Donald Trump is because he’s a danger to their livelihoods. They have assumed Trump, despite his business success, to be a politically illiterate buffoon, evidenced by the class of people who voted him into office. That was an incalculable outrage they never expected, will not accept and will work tirelessly to reverse.

How does an entrenched corrupt political machine save itself when it’s caught in the headlights? By corrupting the very organs that could put them in prison, the DoJ and the FBI. I suspect that Loretta Lynch, former AG, could soon find herself in the dock along side other identified DemPro politicians of the Obama administration, not forgetting Hillary’s crimes as well. Lynch was stupid and got exposed. Clinton was deceitful, greedy and egocentric. She got exposed. The IRS got exposed, the EPA got exposed and yet, nobody is headed for jail!

Then comes the Comey affair. Comey, as FBI Director, was the linchpin of corrupt propriety. “We can’t prosecute her, she had no intent on her part to harm America!” The FBI has spoken and Comey was her savior. His indisputable ten year position as Director of the respected and feared FBI was thought unassailable. Or was it? Democrats trembling in eager anticipation that Comey would find or create, a Trump connection with Russia that would prove Hillary should be President, never materialized. It couldn’t because it didn’t happen. So, continue looking!

Then that sneaky, cunning Trump, the medias presidential buffoon, did the unexpected. He actually did fire James Comey while the Director was in LA. The Democrats screamed, it was a  violation of protocol, bloody murder, “He can’t do that,” the Director was heading up a Trump collusion investigation so, he must have been getting close, all nonsense of course.

Immediately Comey was away on his trip and Trump issued his “pink slip” to the Directors office, the new AG, Jeff Sessions, swarmed the Directors office, seized all his files, lap tops, disks, papers, reports, names and address books, storage units, everything not nailed down and all are now in the hands of the AG, a loyal staff going through them bit by bit. A classic move, but not unexpected. Important to the firing was complete secrecy or Comey, hearing he would be fired, would have removed all incriminating evidence beforehand. It was a White House, DoJ stealth operation with DoJ lawyers and FBI Agents loyal to America eagerly participating.

Former FBI Director Comey, the epitome of the corrupted establishment state composed of Democrats and Republicans alike, embedded deep state federal bureaucracy workers, lobbyists and even, I suspect, some high ranking military officers are all now wondering when the axe will fall as surely it will. Comey was the plug needed to drain the swamp.

Comey’s professional history is a study in favoritism. He was indebted to the Clintons. He owed them his career and did so by providing cover for their crimes. His job was to kill the felony investigation of Hillary Clinton. At the same time, Comey started work on an Obama demand to monitor Donald Trump (illegally) and all persons involved in the Republican campaign to acquire dirt that could be used to hurt Trump later. This included using a fake “dossier” paid for by Clinton’s campaign to create justification for the surveillance and connect Trump’s campaign to Russians skulduggery. It failed, the scheme was exposed, the media went nut’s looking for another excuse to discredit Trump and yet, he still smiles and goes about his business of erasing the Obama legacy. It’s a pity the press hasn’t got it yet. Hate is a powerful drug.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (24May17)

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