Gas leak halts traffic and interrupts Emergency Room

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ELLIJAY, Ga. – This weekend, an incident sent ripples across the immediate area near River Park and the Piedmont Ellijay Emergency Room as a gas leak had authorities responding and diverting drivers.

Services remained in the area on into Saturday, but the initial leak was reported on Friday, June 25. The Sheriff’s Office stated that South Main Street shutdown and drivers were  being sent to Highway 282 or along Progress Road to avoid the area.

One associate at the Emergency Room said that they had redirected ambulances as well, avoiding the Emergency Room due to the road issue and traffic.

According to reports, Ellijay Police were diverting the traffic. Despite some ambulances being rerouted, the emergency room stayed open with locals using back roads and still able to reach the facility.

FYN is reaching out to find out more information about the leak and repair and will provide more information when available.

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