1,341 November voters stayed home for the Senate Runoff in Union

Senate Runoff

BLAIRSVILLE, Ga – The U.S. Senate Runoff experienced lower voter turnout than the General Election, but traditionally runoffs experience lower numbers. In November, 15,547 Union County residents voted and 14,206 in the January runoff – approximately 19,628 people are registered to vote in Union County. 72.38 percent of Union County voters turned out on January 5.

In the General, David Perdue (Rep – I) received 12,410 votes (80.77 percent), challenger Jon Ossoff (Dem) received 2,616 (17.03 percent), and Libertarian Shane Hazel received 339 votes (2.21 percent).

In the Runoff Perdue earned 11,609 (81.88), and Ossoff received 2,569 (18.12) for a total of 14,178 votes.

As for Senator Kelly Loeffler (Rep – I) and Senator-elect Raphael Warnock (Dem), it’s slightly more difficult to compare because of the Jungle Primary in November. Loeffler received 3,945 votes (25.50 percent) and Democrat challenger Raphael Warnock earned 1,904 votes (12.40 percent) while former Ninth District Representative Doug Collins earned 8,092 (52.72 percent).

Senate runoff vote totals and precentage.

Loeffler received 11,590 (81.80) and Warnock 2,579 (earned 18.2) for a total of 14,169 Runoff votes.

Interestingly, Warnock garnered ten more votes than Ossoff, and Perdue received 19 more votes than Loeffler. Also, nine individuals chose not to vote in the Loeffler/Warnock race at all, according to the data on the Secretary of State’s website.

The vote tally differences likely came down to Loeffler’s campaign absence in the North Georgia Mountains. Since her campaign began, the outgoing senator never visited Union County. Also, Doug Collins was the heavy favorite for senator in November. Some voters who turned out for Perdue probably thought twice before voting for Loeffler.

Overall, voter turnout was down by 1,341 from November to January. Right now, uncertainty remains if those thousand voters decided to stay home due to President Trump’s message of voter fraud. Georgia’s Ninth District staunchly supported Trump in November. Since then, those voters have demanded their state representatives and senators do something about an election they believe was stolen from them.

At the time of publication, the Perdue and Ossoff race has yet to be called.

Nikki Haley and Kelly Loeffler campaign in Demorest

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Loeffler Demorest

DEMOREST, Ga – Senator Kelly Loeffler (Ga-R) stumped with former UN ambassador Nikki Haley (R-SC) in Demorest, Ga ahead of the January 5 runoff.

Senator Loeffler commented that Habersham represented the best of Georgia with a diverse range of industries.

“They care about the freedoms that we’re fighting for every single day. They also care about the things we need to be delivering like coronavirus relief that Democrats have blocked and I’m fighting for that, “Loeffler stated.

Georgia’s junior senator has yet to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden for his win but wants to focus on ensuring “free and fair elections” for Georgians. She dedicated to still fighting for President Trump.


Loeffler expressed concerns about Biden’s nominees and “grave concerns about the entire Democrat agenda. Socialist ideas that raise our taxes and grow government at the expense of hardworking Georgians.”

As far as Haley’s concerns about Biden’s appointees, she called it recycling of the Obama administration, and they are just trying to buy friends. According to the former South Carolina governor, Trump stopped those practices and held foreign countries like China and Iran accountable.

She also stressed that Loeffler and Senator David Perdue must be sent back to the U.S. Senate to serve as a line of defense about the left’s practices.

“We’ve got to make sure we win these Georgia races because we can’t go the way of the Democrats,” Haley said. “When you’ve got her opponent, Raphael Warnock saying, ‘you can’t serve God and the military.’ There’s a lot of men and women who serve ‘one nation under God.’ It’s offensive so with people like that we have to keep them in the Senate.”

Early voting started on December 14 and continues through December 31. The polls will be closed on holidays. Election day is January 5, visit the Secretary of State’s office myvoterpage to find your polling place.


Voter turnout, debates, and Trump: David Perdue discusses all

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David Perdue

ELLIJAY, Ga: Senator David Perdue (R) addressed his relationship with President Trump, voter turnout, and not debating Jon Ossoff on his bus tour through North Georgia.


Citing the earlier debates, Perdue didn’t see the necessity in rehashing the issues. 

“I wanted to give him a chance to show Georgia what an empty suit he is,” Perdue explained, “How can someone lose a debate with himself? I mean, that is what we saw last night.”

The senator discussed his concerns about the “radical left agenda” moving forward if the Democrats win in January. 

“We’ve held the line on Iran, and by removing ourselves from that JCPOA nuclear deal, we’ve now put tremendous pressure on Iran. We’ve stood up to China. We’ve got our trade deals moving. These are the things we can protect and hold the line against the radical leftist agenda the Democrats have put forward,” Perdue remarked. 

He asserted the only way to protect the gains made is to “hold the line” against the Democrats. 

As for President Trump, he’s instructed Perdue and Senator Kelly Loeffler to win their races. 

“He has said ‘you’ve got to hold this Senate. We’ve got to win in January.’ He’s very disappointed that he hadn’t been able to get more of transparent accounting, if you will, of the signature absentee ballots, and so on and so forth,” Perdue stated. 

Perdue pointed out that Loeffler and himself called for the resignation of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger weeks ago. He asserted that Georgia never had election problems before 2019-2020, and the consent decree between Raffensperger, Attorney General Chris Carr, and Stacey Abrams created this situation. Perdue asked for a “specific accounting of absentee ballots, relative to the validity of the signatures and the number of ballots versus envelopes.” 

Gilmer Sheriff Stacy Nicholson introduced Senator David Perdue.

“We’re going to continue to make noise about,” Perdue affirmed. “If you look at the logic of saying ‘I’m upset about President Trump’s treatment or accounting of November 3, and therefore, I’m going to protest and not vote on January 5,’ what logic is that? That’s circular logic that basically gives the keys to the kingdom to the Democrats.”

Perdue will be in Union and Towns Counties on Tuesday, November 8. 




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