#TeamFYNsports week 8 games of the week

Team FYN Sports

Starting this year, #TeamFYNsports will be bringing you their top football games of the week for our local area football teams.

Team FYN sports director Jake West and Fannin County Rec. Department Athletic Coordinator Tim Towe will also be giving you their picks to win these games of the week.

Last week, Jake West was able to finally improve on his record and pick every game right, advancing to 16-10 overall on the year. Tim Towe incorrectly picked White County to beat North Hall, but to his credit the game did go into overtime and was quite frankly probably the game of the week. Tim is now 20-6 overall.

Now, lets get to our #TeamFYNsports week 8 games of the week!

Gilmer @ Dawson

Jake: I like Dawson here. Gilmer is really starting to turn the corner, and they look to be an up and coming team, but I just dont think that they can hang with Dawson yet. Dawson is coming off a big win against White County two weeks ago and I look for them to ride that momentum heading into this week. Prediction: Dawson 

Tim: Zach Holtzclaw for Dawson County is having a great season as the Quarterback for the Tigers. He’s averaging 267 yards through the air. Coach Maxwell has done a great job with Dawson County through the year’s and has his team in great position for a Region Championship. Gilmer, led by 2nd Year Head Coach Kevin Saunders has completely turned the program around. The Bobcats set at 2-3 coming off a record setting performance against Lumpkin 62-7. Kobe Stonecipher is averaging 147 yards per game on the ground. I like for this game to be close at halftime and Dawson to pull away in the 2nd half. Prediction: Dawson

Union @ Banks

Jake: It is really hard for me to bet against Brian Allison and his Panthers at any point in the year, but especially this late in the year when things are really starting to matter. Look for Allison to have the Panthers fired up and ready to go, and look for Logan Helcher to have some huge plays on the offensive side of the ball. Prediction: Union

Tim: Union County will come out very hungry in this one. I like Union to win this one big. Logan Helcher will have a big game. Banks County has a very good Linebacker in Jace Bennett that the Panthers will have to game plan for. Prediction: Union

Lumpkin @ North Hall

Jake: As I have said all year, Lumpkin is rebuilding and trying to fill holes in their team with some reall young guys. I think we will talk about them in a few years like how we are talking about Gilmer turning a corner this year. North Hall gets it done though and keeps their winning streak alive. Prediction: North Hall 

Tim: North Hall is getting hot at the right time. They started out 0-3 and have since won 3 in a row. It will be 4 in a row on Friday as the Trojans will win the football game. Big game on the ground for North Hall’s Clark Howell. Prediction: North Hall

West Hall @ White County

Jake: Look for White County to bounce back after back to back losses against North Hall and Dawson. I would say that the Warriors will come into this one with some gumption and be ready for whatevers thrown at them so that they can get back on track and working towards their goal of winning the region. Prediction: White

Tim: I like White County in this one. Coming off back to back losses I wouldn’t want to play them this week. Prediction: White

Towns County @ Commerce

Jake: I really do not want to side with Tim on every pick this week but I think I might have to. Commerce is a very good football team and Towns County is just now on the up and up. Im not sure if Jake McTaggart is going to be playing in this one for the Indians either. Just too many unknowns to bet on Towns here. Prediction: Commerce

Tim:Give me Commerce in this one. Commerce just has too much speed and depth in this one. Prediction: Commerce


#TeamFYNSports week 7 games of the week

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Starting this year, #TeamFYNsports will be bringing you their top football games of the week for our local area football teams.

Team FYN sports director Jake West and Fannin County Rec. Department Athletic Coordinator Tim Towe will also be giving you their picks to win these games of the week.

Last week, Tim Towe and Jake West both went 2-2, as Copper Basin and White County lost their matchups against McMinn and Dawson.

Before last week, Tim had only incorrectly picked 3 games all year. Jake was a little further behind at 9-8.

Tim is now sitting at 16-5 with Jake at 11-10.

Now, lets get to our #TeamFYNsports week 7 games of the week!

Fannin County @ Pepperell

Jake: This is definitely the game of the week in our area, heck maybe even the state of Georgia. Fannin is on a tear this year with Senior QB Luke Holloway playing like he has something to prove, coming off of his best career game last week. There has been a lot of talk on twitter from fans of the teams and even other schools coaches chiming in on what they thought was going to happen in this one. This game will come down to who can make the least amount of mental mistakes and given that, I can’t bet against a team coached by Chad Cheatham when we are talking about discipline. I’ve got Fannin in this one.

Tim: When the new regions came out every Fannin Rebel fan had this one circled. Im gonna pick Fannin to win and get to 5-0.

Pickens @ Cedartown

Jake: The Dragons are definitely trying to build something over there in Pickens County. But I don’t see them putting up much of a fight here against the powerhouse that is Cedartown. I’ve got Cedartown here just given their pedigree.

Tim: Tough road game for Pickens. Cedartown wins this one.

Lumpkin @ Gilmer

Jake: Lumpkin is a young team with some good young talent. They have struggled a lot this year, but take heart Indian fans, the talent you have coming through youth league and that freshman class are going to be something special in the coming years. With Gilmer already starting to turn the corner on their rebuilding years, I think they have no trouble rolling over a struggling Indians team. Gilmer wins big.

Tim: Gilmer wins here big.

North Georgia @ Copper Basin

Jake: Its sad to see a team such as Copper Basin be plagued with injuries as they have been this year. I thought for sure that even with starting quarterback Bryson Grabowski being out that they would be able to come away wit a win against McMinn, but I was wrong. I still think that Chad Grabowski that Cougars head coach can make this team finish strong even if they are down a few players, and with that being said im taking the Coug’s here.

Tim: Homecoming night tonight in Copperhill. Cougars get to 7-1.

White Co. @ North Hall

Jake: Im gonna go with North Hall here. JBen Haynes being out is really going to hurt White County tonight I think. North Hall is a pretty solid team and I think they beat a hurt White Co. team coming off a loss to Dawson.

Tim: I think White County will come out determined to win tonight after losing last week to Dawson. Give me White County.

#TeamFYNsports week 6 games of the week

Team FYN Sports
games of the week

Starting this year, #TeamFYNsports will be bringing you their top football games of the week for our local area football teams.

Team FYN sports director Jake West and Fannin County Rec. Department Athletic Coordinator Tim Towe will also be giving you their picks to win these games of the week.

Last week, Tim Towe and Jake West both went 3-1, correctly picking Fannin County, Union County and Copper Basin to win their matchups. Both incorrectly picked Towns County to beat Lakeview Academy, as the Indians lost 31-12. Tim is 14-3 overall on the year, and it seems #TeamFYNSports director Jake West has learned not to pick against Tim, riding with all his picks last week and moving to 9-8 overall.

Now, lets get to our #TeamFYNsports week 6 games of the week!

Fannin County VS Gordon Central

Jake: Fannin is coming off of a blowout win last week, 49-13 over Banks County. They are now currently ranked 10th in the state. I think as long as they don’t get caught looking ahead to Pepperell next week, they will come out with another blowout win. Gordon seems to have a pretty good running attack, but I see Coach Cheatham having the boys prepared for that and the Rebels coming away undefeated.

Jake’s Pick: Fannin County

Tim: Jake, The Rebels are 3-0 but they’ve really yet to play up to their potential. I look for Fannin to start off hot in this one. I think Caleb Postell May have a breakout game on the ground for Fannin. And expect Luke Holloway to have a good game. Defense plays well and Fannin wins big I say 49-7.

Side note: Jordan Boone for Gordon Central is going to be fun to watch tonight. He leads the region in 136 rushing yards per game and just this past week received an offer to play rugby at UGA. The 225 RB/LB name will be called a lot tonight and is definitely a player to watch out for tonight.

Tim’s Pick: Fannin County

Copper Basin VS McMinn Central

Jake: I’ve got Copper Basin coming away unscathed. I think that they will handle McMinn, even if they are without starting QB Bryson Grabowski who was injured in their previous victory over Lookout Valley. If I was a betting man, i’d say that Basin will head into the game against Fannin County undefeated on the 23rd.

Jake’s Pick: Copper Basin

Tim: Heart breaks for Grabowski. I hate he won’t be playing but that don’t stop me from picking the Cougars. Coach Grabowski and Coach Locke will have Joe Boggs ready to go and I really think the team will play inspired tonight. Sebastian Baliles big game on the ground. Chance Rollins and the O line step up. Cougars win 21-14

Tim’s Pick: Copper Basin

Gilmer VS Cherokee Bluff

Jake: Cherokee Bluff is a very strong football team. They are 4-0 overall and have not shown many signs of weakness this year. Headed up against a rebuilding team in Gilmer, I would bet they are licking their chops. I’ve got Cherokee Bluff in this one big.

Jake’s Pick: Cherokee Bluff

Tim: A lot of purple in the stands tonight. I like Cherokee Bluff in this one. Gilmer will play hard but Cherokee Bluff’s depth and speed take over in 2nd half.
Cherokee Bluff 42 Gilmer 14

Tim’s Pick: Cherokee Bluff

White County VS Dawson County

Jake: White County is one of the top football teams in their respective region. While Dawson is not necessarily a cupcake football team, I think that White County still rolls on and remains undefeated. Man we have a lot of good football teams in our area.

Jake’s Pick: White County

Tim: If you don’t know the name JBen Haynes. Please remember the name. White County QB who is having a great year and will probably play at the next level.

I really think White County wins this game. Coach Maxwell and Dawson have a very talented team and have played a tough non region schedule. I just don’t think they can keep up with White tonight. Special season this year in Cleveland.
White County 45 Dawson 28

Tim’s Pick: White County


#TeamFYNsports week 5 games of the week

Team FYN Sports
games of the week

Starting this year, #TeamFYNsports will be bringing you their top football games of the week for our local area football teams.

Team FYN sports director Jake West and Fannin County Rec. Department Athletic Coordinator Tim Towe will also be giving you their picks to win these games of the week.

Last week, Tim Towe went 4-0 in our games of the week picks, correctly picking Fannin, Gilmer, Pickens, and Mount Zion to win their respective games.

Jake West went 2-2, correctly picking the Fannin and Pickens games.

Tim is 11-2 overall on the year, with #TeamFYNsports director Jake West falling behind at 6-7.

Now, lets get to our #TeamFYNsports week 4 games of the week!

Pickens County @ Union County

Tim: Fun matchup here. Hard to believe it’s been 1991 since these 2 schools have played on the high school level. I like Union to win the ball game. They have a little more experience on both sides of the ball right now.

Tim’s Pick: Union

Jake: Seeing as how I was born in 1997,  definitely was not around the last time these two teams played. It is kind of weird that they don’t play in high school, seeing as how i’m pretty sure they play at the youth and middle school levels every year. These kids will be familiar with each other even if they haven’t ever played each other in high school. I am going to have to pick union in a low scoring game here.

Jake’s Pick: Union

Banks County @ Fannin County

Tim: So many storylines heading into this game. Coach Chad Cheatham (Current Fannin Coach) spent time with the Banks County program. He has coached players on both teams tonight. Banks will be ready to play. They are coming off a shutout vs Lumpkin 37-0 last week. I just don’t think they have enough depth to compete with the Rebels. Fannin wins and advances to 3-0 for the 1st time since 2005.

Tim’s Pick: Fannin

Jake: I am going with Fannin County for sure in this one. I think they will blow Banks out of the water. Banks just doesn’t have their best stuff this year, and they are going to be playing a Fannin team that has the best stuff they have had in a while.

Jake’s Pick: Fannin

Towns County @ Lakeview Academy

Tim: Lee Shaw. You may know the name. If you’ve followed Georgia High School Football in the past 15 years you know all about the Shaw name and the impact they have had on the whole state. Lee has took over this Lakeview Academy program and they are off to a 1-1 start. Coming off a 34-0 win over Walker ( Marietta) last week. I just think this Towns County team is building something special. A 1 point loss last week to Mt Zion Carrol in overtime but these guys will be motivated to play. No word yet on if Hayesville transfer Jake Mctaggart will be eligible to play. But when he does get eligible ( GHSA approval of the move) Towns County will be that much better. Mctaggart is 6 Foot 8 and has a Kentucky offer. Give me Towns in a close one.

Tim’s Pick: Towns

Jake: Coach J-Roque at Towns County is building something special over their in Hiawasee. They really need to get a win this week to turn the corner and get over .500 before they start playing region games. I could definitely see this being the game that puts towns over the hill, but they are playing an away game in Gainesville and it’s going to be tough. I am taking Towns County but only because I think Jake Mctaggart will play tonight.

Jake’s Pick: Towns

Copper Basin @ Lookout Valley

Tim: Give me the Cougars by at least 5 touchdowns. Lookout Valley still in a rebuilding phase.

Tim’s Pick: Copper Basin

Jake: Im going with Basin also. They should go into their matchup with Fannin County undefeated.

Jake’s Pick: Copper Basin

#TeamFYNsports week 3 games of the week

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Starting this year, #TeamFYNsports will be bringing you their top football games of the week for our local area football teams.

Team FYN sports director Jake West and Fannin County Rec. Department Athletic Coordinator Tim Towe will also be giving you their picks to win these games of the week.

Last week, Tim Towe correctly picked Commerce, Copper Basin and Chattooga to win their respective games. Jake West picked the Copper Basin and Chattooga games correctly, but incorrectly picked Union to beat Commerce.

Tim Towe is now 4-1 overall on the year and Jake West is 3-2 overall.

This weeks #TeamFYNsports games of the week are:

Chestatee @ Union County

Tim: Ive picked against Union County in the previous two weeks to open the season, but I think they get it done this week. The Panthers will be ready and will win by 2 scores.

Tim’s Pick: Union County

Jake: I think this game will come down to whether or not the Panthers can ante up on defense. Christian Charles for Chestatee is a legitimate threat. Union County’s starting running back Jonah Daniel will also be missed in the Panthers lineup.

Jake’s Pick: Chestatee

Pickens @ White County

Tim: White County in my opinion is the favorite to win 7AAA. White County QB Ben Haynes is one of the best in the state and will have a big game against Pickens on Friday. Pickens is of course in a bit of a rebuilding year as they continue to make strides in the right direction. They will play hard but come up short.

Tim’s Pick: White County

Jake: It is possible that White County wont lose a game this year. I love Pickens County and their young QB Sam Streicher, but I cannot pick against a team as hot as White County.

Jake’s Pick: White County

Gilmer @ Murray

Tim: I’m picking Murray.

Tim’s Pick: Murray

Jake: I am going to stick with Tim on this one. I know that Gilmer is in a rebuilding process, but I haven’t seen much progress yet. I’m picking Murray.

Jake’s Pick: Murray

Jefferson @ Rabun

Tim: This is going to be a great game. I’m just not sure that Rabun can get back up after playing against a big opponent in Prince Avenue Christian on ESPN last Friday night. I like Jefferson by a score.

Tim’s Pick: Jefferson

Jake: I’m picking Rabun. Gunner Stockton proved last weekend on ESPN he was the truth and I can’t pick against an arm like his. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I think we will be seeing Stockton on Sundays in a few years.

Jake’s Pick: Rabun

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