Recent Arrest in Waynesville NC leads to Deployment of New Tool

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WAYNESVILLE, NC.- Waynesville Officers were able to use the new tool known as the CAM Bracelet while making the arrest of Jason Holland for DWI.

On Friday, Sept. 23, Jason Holland, was arrested for Driving While Impaired after an incident on South Main Street. Officers were called to South Main Street in the area of Carolina Gun and Ammo after a subject inside had discharged a firearm. It was later determined that Holland, who had brought his shotgun to the store seeking a trade, accidentally discharged the gun.
Holland then left the store but was located a short time later in the area. Upon further investigation, it was determined that Holland had discharged the firearm accidentally and that he was impaired. This was confirmed when his blood alcohol level was found to be .13.
This arrest provided the opportunity for WPD Officers to request a new tool being used to combat incidents of DWI. The CAM Bracelet (Continuous Alcohol Monitoring) was requested and granted by the Magistrate as part of the pretrial conditions placed upon Holland.
The Cam bracelet can be used for many different reasons. In this case, it is being used as Pre-trial supervision, as a condition of his bond that monitors and reports notifications of alcohol content to judicial officials.
The CAM bracelet uses technology that has been made available since 2012. This technology “tests insensible perspiration using an electrochemical fuel cell by sampling the wearer’s sweat every 30 minutes. To learn more about CAM visit…/scram-continuous-alcohol…).
As a result of recent education and funding, this invaluable resource has become more accessible to law enforcement. Any law enforcement officer can request the Cam bracelet at the time of arrest for DWI. These requests will be made to the sitting magistrate and within 24 hours a Western North Carolina representative will fulfill the court order by placing it on the defendant.
“We are grateful for this new tool and believe it will assist in not only prevention but also a form of intervention, that we hope leads to individuals getting the substance abuse assistance they may need,” stated the Waynesville Police Department in a Facebook post.

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