Virgilance or Reticense


Opinion by John Tutten:

Are you as sick and tired of this presidential campaign as I am?  It has descended to a level more typical of a student council election than one to choose the leader of the greatest country in the history of our planet.

Every day it’s some new drama that has little to do with the monumental challenges we face as a nation.  We are presented scenarios that are designed to feed insatiable egos and generate hollow ratings for media outlets that proclaim they are “looking out for us”.  It makes me wonder if Vince McMahon has moved on to politics.

Look at how the current leader in the Republican polls differentiates himself from his nearest rival – “nyah nyah, nyah nyah nyah, nobody likes you!”  This is grade school stuff.  And then we have the media purveyors of punditry validate such drivel as substantive and pander and pontificate endlessly about the critical effect it will have on this campaign or that campaign.  This is nonsense, patriots.  We deserve better.

Tragically, the country has left its moorings of objective values and critical thinking.  We no longer think.  We react.  We have been conditioned not to think through, or analyze, or weigh arguments.  Instead, we are programmed to jump to the conclusion the stimuli intended without any neurons firing.  I’m amazed at how many “thoughtful” conservatives and evangelicals have succumbed.

Everything we see and hear from the political world and the remora-like media is focus grouped and rehearsed and designed to elicit the desired response.  We the people are no longer respected as sovereign, thinking individuals.  Instead, we are a mass that needs to be manipulated, maneuvered, and molded into compliancy.

Therefore, we are not offered reasoned, thoughtful arguments about the serious issues we face.  Instead we get a rumble of personalities worthy of the WWE.  I guess the strategy is – “the less people know about the real issues, the less we really have to do something and we can just be in charge”.  This can only go on for so long and I believe the severity of our challenges will soon demand real action.  Obama appears to have timed his exit very well.

Take for example the poor state of the economy.  No longer can the coming slow down be papered over with the typical platitudes of “hitting a rough spot” or “it’s just a mild downturn”.  We have a deficit freight train coming at us and it’s barely mentioned in the media.  It’s not just the $19 trillion operating deficit.  We also have over $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities that we have no way of supporting.

We have the lowest rate of worker participation in the last several decades and yet our president gave a glowing report on the economy during his State of the Union speech.  Social Security is in real trouble just based on demographics and yet the media “trumpet” one candidate’s decision not to attend a debate as what we really need to know.

The threat of Islamic terrorism is channeled into a narrow story line that bloodthirsty radicalized killers are bent on our destruction.  Through political correctness, the establishment censures any substantive discussion about the true nature of the Islamic threat.  We can only focus on the near term danger and destroying ISIS, while proclaiming that Islam is a religion of peace.

The fact is that today’s ISIS terrorists are following Allah’s dictates as recorded in the Qur’an correctly.  Killing the infidels and securing the world for Islam IS what the Qur’an implores the followers of Islam to do.  We can utterly destroy ISIS as many candidates promise to do, but that does not defeat the ideology.  Destroy ISIS and another group will just pop up elsewhere in pursuit of Islamic conquest.  We have to have a strategy to defeat the IDEOLOGY of Islam.  Have you heard anything like this in the mainstream media?  No, our establishment class allows no discussion of it.

As the world grows more dangerous, our ability to contend with the danger diminishes.  While we scale back every part of our military capability, the Russian Bear becomes more ferocious.  Putin has out-maneuvered us in Ukraine.  We have allowed him a Middle East foothold through incompetence and fecklessness.  And while we have had substantial reporting on these events other critical developments have been ignored.  Are you aware that Russia is building a class of submarine with massive nuclear tipped torpedoes that could wipe out much of our military capability?  Do you know Russia is rapidly spreading into the Arctic and is claiming its vast resources?  Why don’t you?  Maybe because the establishment media is too busy focusing on how many senators don’t like Ted Cruz.

The freedom, liberty, and prosperity we enjoy in this country come at a price.  The price is vigilance.  We can no longer continue to sit back and settle for what our establishment class wants to feed us.  We must get engaged, informed, and involved.  We can no longer slumber through our responsibilities as Americans and just react to stimuli like some lab animal.  We must demand better from our politicians and those charged with being their watchdog.  We can lose this thing if we don’t.

As far as who to vote for in the coming elections, I like to consider whom the Founding Fathers would vote for if they were here today.  I believe I know who it would be.


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