Plea to Democrats


Opinion written by Joene DePlancke:

I find it so hard to believe that amongst all the fine Democrats out
there that the only Democrat we can find to represent this great country
of ours is someone that has lied about just about everything she has
ever been involved with even going back before Whitewater. And the First
Man is a adulterous womanizer.  I cannot picture people with such low
morals sitting down to break bread with the Queen of England or the King
of Denmark or the Prime Minister of Japan or any other world leader.  I
wouldn’t let these people sit at my dinner table.  It breaks my heart
that there is any possibility that these people would represent the
United States of America.  On top of that both of these people have
absolutely no regard whatsoever for the laws of this great nation.  They
have both demonstrated repeatedly total disregard for the laws of this
nation, therefore, why would we possibly want them to lead this Nation.

And lastly, anyone else that had deliberately violated Federal law and
put our national secrets and defense at risk would have already been
incarcerated.  Look at what we did to General Petraeus for simply having
some classified notes at his home.  And to use the excuse that indicting
Hillary Clinton now would destroy her election chances is insane.  That
would be the precise reason to indict her now.  We want to wait until we
might elect someone that we would then put in prison?  It should be on
the table now, it would be if it were anyone else.

Please DNC and the good Democrats in this country, find someone with
morals and ethics to represent this Country.

Joene DePlancke
Ellijay, Georgia


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