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Opinion written by George McClellan:

The controversy about Trump’s tweeting attacks on people who attack him and his willingness to do so outside old normal channels of political discourse (WH Press Corp), are leaving an indelible mark on the communicators who were once our only sources of knowing what was happening in the news. Modern technology, i.e.: the internet, smart phones, Facebook and Twitter accounts, have swept all that away. It’s catch as catch can in recording what’s really news in today’s world, what’s the truth and what’s a lie?

The old broadcast media outlets, ABC, NBC, CBS, and cable news starter CNN, have been exposed for the charlatans they have long been, as purveyors of fake news, lies, and story’s designed simply to keep the population alarmed and the socialists in office. There is no prevarication they are not willing to embrace to keep their movement moving.

CNN commentator Maria Cardona, speaking of Trump, said : “He think it’s somebody else’s fault that we’re not united.” Well, duh, isn’t it? Trump wasn’t in the drivers seat the past eight years, Obama was. Trump didn’t launch the Black Lives Matter movement against law and order, Obama did. Trump didn’t disrespect the thin blue line causing the ambush murders of police officers, Obama did. Trump didn’t ignore his own “red line” warning, Obama did, Trump didn’t sell guns to Mexican criminal gangs, Obama did. Whose fault could it possibly have been?

Trump doesn’t go into office expecting to win over ‘skeptics’ either. He ran for office to rescue a once proud and successful America, and return it to its original glory. It doesn’t matter any more. He has invited everyone to come along with him, especially Americans of African descent, to join him in fulfillment of their dreams, not the dreams of Obama’s father. “What do you have to lose?” he asked them. By the way, ”skeptics” are simply democrat politicians and liberal voters who cannot accept that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, could have possibly lost the election.

Cardona complains that Trumps cabinet is filled with rich white people. She means, it lacks diversity and necessary aspects of multiculturalism required by socialists. Of course that’s true. Diversity and multiculturalism have made no money, provided no jobs, created no wealth, sustained no population outside of poverty levels and created no new ideas to move our country forward except by top down control and dependency on government.

Rich white people are in his cabinet because they are rich. That means they are successful. They know how to create prosperity for everyone who wants to chance it. The dependency state created by Democrats (Progressive Liberals) has nearly bankrupted America. Social Security is $32 trillion dollars in the hole. How can that program possibly be sustained? It cannot.

So, watch a businessman who recognizes the differences between assets and liabilities, make serious moves to fix our economic problems. And, it will hurt too. That’s why rich white people make up the majority of Trumps cabinet. Dr. Ben Carson, the exception, is a brilliant man, a survivor of poverty and a single parent family and an achiever in his own right. He rightly takes his place in Trumps rich white peoples cabinet. Herman Cain should be there too!

Reps. Barbara Lee of California and John Lewis of Georgia have said they will “boycott” Trumps inauguration. No, they won’t! The inauguration has nothing to sell, so a boycott isn’t what they will do. They simply won’t be there, by their choice, and they certainly won’t be missed.  Maybe they can join the losers rabble who intend to disrupt Trumps inauguration ceremony and parade.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (16 Jan 2017 am).


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