The Fight is On


Opinion by George McClellan:

Our federal government is/has morphed from a Constitutional Republic to a government of oligarchs presently influenced, it would seem, by a wealthy former youthful, WW2 Jewish Hungarian survivor of the Nazi’s named George Soros whose goal is to proceed rapidly toward creating the utopia of a one world government where we mere mortals will be happy doing as we are told, by our betters, and where everyone is equal but the “pigs are more equal.”

The thieving rascals who are helping him are in the White House, the halls of the Clinton Foundation, whose candidate was hand picked to replace Obama, and within the leadership of the European Union, Mr. LaFarge of Great Britain excepted. Add the entirety of the current Democrat party and that slew of Republican elite knuckleheads who have abandoned the party’s chosen candidate because they fear, rightly, that he (Donald Trump) will pull their house down around their ears and there, we have it. The fight is only beginning.

The biggest contributor to the one world government scheme, of course, is the main stream media who is constantly propagandizing the marxist message to fit a scenario the citizens seem no longer willing to embrace. Rising resistance is evident everywhere but rarely reported by the MSM. The fight is on.

I was certain the day FBI Director James Comey debased himself publicly after laying out the entire case of Hillary Clinton’s criminality, then throwing out a “lack of intent” as his reason not to recommend going forward with her prosecution. Director Comey’s body language told me all I needed to know. He was unwillingly, but firmly, in the clutches of the oligarchs and was expected to do their bidding. Director Comey so much as hinted the FBI was, like the IRS, EPA and BLM, no longer to be considered trustworthy, and he knew it. Let the era of the Oligarchs begin.

At what point do Americans realize we don’t really have a country anymore? Do we accept that our Congress and our Marxist president don’t really have America’s best interest at heart, only their own? In his last three speeches, Donald Trump has revealed the truth on these many social and economic issues created by Liberal/Progressivism, and has offered solutions.

The evidence cannot be denied no matter how the MSM spins it. Hillary, so long as she can count on the votes of blacks will tell them anything to keep them firmly on their economically dependent plantation. The Inner cities, the very heart of these plantations where a majority of Americans with African descent exist, are battlegrounds between gangs and police, multiple homicides, robberies and looting. The fruits of the American dream are denied them, not by whites or the police, but by their own shysters and grifters who have learned their own American dream can be fulfilled by fleecing their own as Democrats. How’s that going for ‘em?

History is repeating itself. We’ve read this all before if we studied our world history. The unscripted French revolution accidentally proved to be the largest exponent of anti-oligarch control ever devised. By its ruthless efficiency (the Guillotine), leadership positions were quickly filled and then refilled, by third rate politicians willing to feed the machine but avoid it themselves. The French revolution, once it got out of control, ate its own. Are we there now?

Technology has created untold wealth for some, job loss for others, a warrior class now sifting garbage in the streets and an unacceptable rise in drug, alcohol and sexual abuse. Hillary wants rights for LGBT’s. How about keeping our inalienable rights for regular Americans?

Remember, freedom is the goal the constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (21 August 2016)


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