Perceptions Can Be Dangerous


Opinion by George McClellan:

Perceptions are like magic tricks, now you see it, now you don’t. We struggled for years thinking the Democrat Party was all powerful. We allowed them to shove odious ideas down our throats like LGBT bathroom use, “If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan,” etc. & etc. Too many lies already known to list here.

The Democrat party suffers from another misperception, that they can save themselves from extinction by keeping things they cherished, the same. How do they perceive doing that, one may ask? Why, by renewing the party’s signature loser (besides Obama), Nancy Pelosi, to yet another term of leading her party to destruction. What could possibly go wrong? My perception is that re-electing Nancy Pelosi to save the democrat ship from sinking is akin to throwing a drowning man an anchor. And, to put the party’s leadership into the hands of a muslim, is to actually shoot holes in the bottom of the boat.

All this is proof that the Left is still in denial. They never realized how their leftist policies adversely affected voters. It never occurred to them that their policies, in fact, offended voters, especially voters not living in the vast urban cesspools of liberalisms greatest strength, the east and west coasts.

For the Republican side, the mis-perceptions will be even more painful. Donald Trump won the election as a Republican because he appealed to a vast populist sea of voters who were totally disenchanted with government. and that specifically includes the Establishment Republican Party. He won despite the Republican Party. They attempted to thwart his every move until it was inevitable, he would be the next president.

Trump in now trying to fill important cabinet positions with people who think like him. The perception is he can do it. The truth, however, is his pool of qualified candidates who think like him is far too small to accomplish his desire. Therefore, he is forced to hire people from the old establishment Republican party. Rinse Priebus is a good example. He is the epitome of the establishment politician. Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao is another

I believe Trump knows this and, as he has demonstrated time and again, he’s not afraid to fire people for non-compliance. Chris Christy is a case in point. Christy was loyal from the first, headed up the transition team and then made the mistake of bringing lobbyists, old Republicans and other swamp creatures forward for Trumps approval. Christy was quickly shown the door.

But the fact remains,Trump will have to put people into jobs who do not think like him and whose behind the scenes machinations will work to undermine Trumps ideas. Their perception is that as Trump is not a politician he can therefore, be fooled while they work to retain the old status quo. That perception will not be lost on the base. It will not be lost on Donald Trump.

America is at the cusp of rejecting failing ideals, especially those whose only protection lies under the blanket of Political Correctness. For the left to call anyone else a racist, Islamaphobe or homophobe, is only to reveal their own racism, Islamaphobism and homophobia. We don’t care any more. The final perception is the one concerning our schools. They are not doing justice to American history or America’s children. They are in evil hands and that will change too.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (05Dec2016).

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