Some Changes Coming, Stand By


Opinion written by George McClellan:

The firing of liberal activist, Sally Yates, an obscure Obama appointee serving temporarily as the AG until Jeff Sessions is installed, is a non issue. But the press is going ballistic. They have become literally vituperative over the issue.

Yates would have been gone anyway because, like the State Department officials who left on 20 January she, as an Obama appointee, submitted a pro forma letter of resignation. Trump, naturally accepted it in light of her publicly defiant stand against his Immigration order. There is no comparison to Nixon’s Saturday night massacre. None! Don’t buy into that!

Trumps heterodox approach to the immigration issue, smacks of a puerility not experienced before in our government. The release of Sally Yates is under attacked by the hysterical left talking heads of both the media and the democrat party, as unconstitutional, illegal and etc. No, it isn’t!

For years now, we have heard these words spoken in defense of the indefensible: It’s not who we are,” “It’s not the way American’s do things,” “ It’s not fair,” and, “It’s unAmerican,” etc.. Nonsense, it is who we are. The Left want’s our constitutional America destroyed using any tool they think is available to them, like immigration rules. They believe that by inviting in the very people who can destroy America, they, as a party can survive.  Well, just who are we then?  The left, even now languishing in their last gasps of relevancy, are still trying to set the agenda and promote a narrative that is, in fact un-American, unfair, dangerous, damaging to our economy and harmful to our culture.

NY Sen. Chuckie Schumer, at the Battery Park in NY, demonstrated, by his phony tears and emotion, a puerile process that attempts to re-enforce the lefts narrative that Islam is a religion of peace and America would be woefully harmed if we ceased letting them freely into our country. The democrats see them as votes, the “elites” see them as cheap labor and the rest of us see them as rattlesnakes. Nobody except democrats, could possibly want to invite rattlesnakes into their houses.

These people are demented. After only two years of Obama’s agenda, Americans delivered him a staggering loss in Congress and two years later, a staggering loss in the Senate. The American people clearly rejected Obama’s Marxist agenda. But, that didn’t stop Obama from pushing his claimed executive authority to the very brink of Constitutional lawlessness. The end result, as we know, was the loss to the Democrats, of even the presidency.  Some more changes are coming, so be prepared! We now have a strong willed executive in the White House getting the things done we wanted done.

The lefts narrative is in tatters but that doesn’t keep ’em from pushing it anyway, especially among our younger citizens who have passed through Americas dysfunctional education system, their heads filled with socialist nonsense. Now is not the time to relax our guard. Now is not the time to question President Trump’s vision. We know what they are. They are our visions too and we need to support him.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (31 Jan 2017).

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