Short Takes – The Surveillance State


If we were to fear the all seeing eye of the omnipotent surveillance state, the example shown us by the tired Broward Co, a Florida Sheriff’s Deputy found snoozing in his car, should allay us of any further concerns. However, the use of a phony Fusion report used by the highest level of Americas law enforcement, the FBI, to activate a FISA counter-intelligence search warrant on a US Citizen, indeed, the President of the United States no less, is something for all to fear. Because of the surveillance state in the UK, the British citizen’s right to exercise free speech has now been criminalized. Pay attention Americans!

Actually, the very words “surveillance state” are frightening when considered within the history of Hitler’s Gestapo, Lenin’s Okhrana, Stalin’s KMVD and KGB, or the former East Germany’s Stasi. We were warned about this possibility when George Orwell wrote his frightening novel “1984” revealing all the odious potential of the fascist state that points to total and complete, top down centralized authority over the people by the “State.” We see how well it works in Cuba and Venezuela.

Today, in nearly all Islamic countries, religious police run about threatening people in the name of Shariah, to obey Islam or be punished, usually, death by stoning, shooting or beheading.

Here in America, after 9/11, ”Fusion Centers” were created in nearly every state between contributing Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies, to keep an eye (surveil) on the Islamic terrorist threat.

Today, in a total reversal, the same surveillance states fusion centers, now shows up at a citizens door to inquire why they mentioned Mosques, Islam & etc. in FOIA requests to local government building permit offices. They suggest consequences (threats) if the requests continue. The police visits are specifically designed to intimidate and force the end of such legal inquires by concerned Americans for fear of retribution, i.e.: Islamophobia.

Government surveillance in the hands of despotic authorities, like fusion centers, controlled from the top, will inevitably become weapons to be used against free people. The original intent of fusion centers, to protect America from Islamic terrorism, has been abandoned as offensive to the religion of peace and therefore Islamophobic. They turn their attention now to intimidating American citizens who now fear of being murdered by Muslims. And why not?

On the other hand, for the good of Americans, private surveillance systems in Austin, Tx., quickly revealed the identity of the Austin Bomber. That was accomplished by private businesses cooperating with police to share the results of their own private surveillance  systems with Law Enforcement to end the threats. It worked well to the relief of all.

Video surveillance by the State is normally limited to government facilities and, for traffic control purposes, cameras are now in position in some areas to survey license plates of passing vehicles for the sole purpose of raising revenue. Almost all Interstate cameras, mounted high on poles can do, is report on traffic jams. The weakness there is that data collected of the wide angle traffic surveillance cameras cannot thwart a determined terrorist to halt, say a gasoline filled semi-truck tanker halted under an interstate exchange, exploded or set afire, to bring entire urban area transportation systems to a grinding halt.

The belief that video systems that assume facial recognition, collect sound data, or perspiration (sweating), can thwart terrorists is nonsense, especially if a terrorist is willing to blow himself up before arrest even if recognized before his event. Old timey police surveillance techniques, under the legal precept that “the eye cannot commit a trespass” works when the interior of a vehicle or a storefront could be examined without a warrant. To go further, required a warrant.

The best technique is “Profiling,” considered awful by the same social hand ringers who want to confiscate our own means of self-defense. But, that doesn’t always work either. The Florida school shooter was profiled, multiple times and yet the threat was ignored. The Austin, Texas bomber, also apparently a mental nutcase, never once, even in social media sites, rose to the most minor level of profiled recognition. The surveillance state is apparently in place to suppress Americans.

When and where does the Surveillance State begin or end?  Who says we must remain the potential victims of Islam? Why do we automatically assume government can protect us when they are, like the British government, morphing into protectors of the terrorists?  We must be very careful when playing with a rope. One end surely has a noose on it.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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