Short Takes, The Dangerous Republican’s


The Republican Party’s “elites’ have dropped all pretense of conservative reliability and are not to be trusted any more. Paul Ryan, the once reluctant candidate for Speaker of the House, speaks with a forked tongue about conservatism, drags his feet on conservative bills submitted by the Freedom Forum members (tea party conservatives), and continues obstructing as he can, Trumps initiatives. He survives by creating “issues.”

In the Senate, Mitch McConnell predicts the Republicans will just have to join with Democrats to get any bill passed. No, No, No, never! It’s not needed and will only serve to embolden the already moribund and near death Democrats looking for some excuse to be relevant. Chuck Schumer is a shill only looking for a single payer health plan. Never! The very thought of reaching out to Democrats on this issue, is anathema to the conservative base that could start an internal war, but certainly will precipitate the death of the GOP as we know it today, feckless, insecure, frightened, inarticulate and incompetent to meet America’s needs.

But, we’ve known this for years. For the past eight years Republicans, in unison, promised to repeal Obamacare. Now, they won’t even drop the onerous mandated taxes the Democrats imposed upon us in the AHCA. They’re living in a make believe “La La land of their own construction, hoping the problem will go away, and don’t even see the coming disaster. The problem will not go away. I’m here, as are thousands of others ready to keep the problem front and center. The GOP even produced a pretty good replacement plan in 2015, but did so secure in the knowledge the Commie in the White House would veto it, which he did! The sighs of relief could be heard everywhere in the “beltway” except, not in middle America.

A fire is lit and the simmering pot of outrage is coming to a boil and the establishment Republicans will pay. It’s not Democrats who will replace them in upcoming elections, it’s the tea party conservatives, the New Republicans, The New Constitutional Party, or what ever title you may wish to give ‘em, the old elite GOP order, just like the Democrats, will soon be swept away. As a small reminder, remember how Jeb Bush simply disappeared? Keep that vision in mind. With the GOP demise, the unintended chain of events that will follow will be terrible to behold.

The Federal Reserve will be reorganized, if not done away with. The Council on Foreign Relations will be in panic and their international machinations for a one world order will suffer, but, don’t count them out. International banking will return to a gold standard; Germany will rearm and have another go at Russia and everybody will stand around wondering what to do, humanly, with the remnants of the 3rd century muslims caliphate cluttering up the Western worlds cities. We will always be fighting Islam. Just joking about Germany.

Today, eight months after 08 November 2016, DC’s shocked political elites are still shocked and ranging about for meaning and purpose to their lives, wondering how to get their mojo back and  how to displace America’s new CEO Donald Trump from an office he rightfully shouldn’t have. They need to keep the lobbyists money flowing and figure out how to get reelected until their retirements. Wait for the campaign lies we’ll hear. A real house cleaning is called for. The next big shock to the GOP will be the increasing numbers of registered Republicans who will drop their GOP memberships and re-register as Conservative Independents. Maybe Morning Joe gets it after all, but for different reasons.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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