Short Takes – Elections Do Count, Don’t They?



“The Memo,” when it was released, confirmed what we all suspected. There was enough corruption at the highest levels of the bureaucratic deep state to ensure that the rotted political establishment that feeds it, should survive. Corruption in government cannot exist without the protections of suborned, rogue police elements dedicated to keeping it in power. So far we see the DoJ, FBI and IRS filling those rolls. The leadership of other government Intelligence agencies may be also. But, in the end, Ya gotta win those elections,


Former discredited Director of the FBI, James Comey, now performs as a shill of the DNC. He is still attempting to neutralize the impact of “the Memo” and those who produced it, accusing his detractors of “being patently political as weasels and liars.” Comey even applied the metaphor of “McCarthyism” to todays politicians for the actions they took to bring down the “honest reputation of the FBI” (read: the Deep State in his meaning). In doing so, Comey forgets the FBI’s role in aiding McCarthy in conducting his witch hunts for Communists in the 50’s.


What we have now, as McCarthy predicted back then, is Marxists running our government. I do not say Comey is/was a Marxist but the Clintons and the DNC, no matter how they wish to call themselves, use Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” as the guiding principles on how they conduct their relations with Republicans, Americans and to change a Constitutional government. Comey, Mueller, et. al. are simply “Useful Idiots,” sustaining their own sinecures by cooperating with the party in power until their own corruption is complete. But, to sustain it, until complete hegemony is achieved by the Marxists, they still gotta win them elections!


The frenzy of loss and despair from loosing power is eating the Democrats alive. A whole year latter with an economy spiraling upward, rising employment numbers, a growing stock market and looming prosperity, the dysfunctional Democrats are bewildered about how to save their sinking ship. Their only hope lies in the 2018 mid-term elections and their only message, so far, is ”we all hate Trump because…” and here you can fill in the blank with any pejorative you wish. 


The Democrat party has been boxed in by President Trump over the illegal alien business and what to do with their offspring. Nice words like “DACA” are applied to give a soft, inoffensive meaning of legitimacy to criminals so that soft-hearted Americans will accept as inevitable, the citizenship of 1.2 million illegals, not 800,000, into our country. Also, Democrats  cannot explain how the violent crimes these Illegal aliens have brought with them can be of any use in a constitutional American society. Therefore, they apply words like “diversity” and “Inclusion” to assuage our feelings about what’s really going on in the violent America they creating. 


Democrats must win nearly all of the congressional and senate seats up for grab in 2018 if they hope to survive at all. That they continue to demand the Mueller investigation proceed, even after no evidence has been found to implicate President Trump of any connection with the Russians, it stays viable because the equally corrupt main stream media keeps it there.


Sadly, the little things like evidence and commons sense stand as no barrier to Democrat paranoia. Nancy Pelosi babbles on whenever a microphone is shoved in her face even forgetting who the President is. Schumer is nearly in hiding, the black Democrat caucus are in total denial, and Hispanic Democrat politicians are realizing how out of touch they are even with their own constituency. We’re on a winning roll to Make America Great Again. Lets keep it going!


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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