Anarchy in Full View


Opinion written by George McClellan:

UC Berkeley, California. It’s started again. The Left’s anarchists are running wild, burning, smashing university windows even beating up innocents they meet on the street in a fury of anti-Trump hysteria all because a conservative speaker was scheduled to make a speech to a sold out audience. “He might say something truthful, we can’t have that!”

While these hoodlums were not attired in neat uniforms echoing the “Brownshirt Stormtroopers,” of Germany’s Nationalist Socialist Party, their depredations are none the less exactly like the uniformed thugs that brought a civilized nation to its knees, murdered or drove out millions of hated Jews and other non conformists, and drove their country into the hands of a madman who pursued the Nazification of Germany, until he ultimately destroyed it.

Yesterday, Berkley residents experienced a 1938 Nazi style “Kristallnacht,” an event then, that should be a warning to us all, now. The Left are fascists, they’re crazy and they’re still out there polluting our schools. 1500 people tearing up the university and only one arrest made.

President Trump has thrown the solution to campus barbarism back onto the shoulders of the University’s leadership: fix it or he, Trump, will stop federal funding. That’s a great start! UCB gets about $370 million federal tax payer dollars per year. If Trump say’s it, he’ll do it.

Exactly what lesson should be learned here? The violent reaction of these far left fascists of Berkeley’s Student Union show us that our colleges and universities are no longer safe centers of liberal education. The free exchange of ideas where the opinions of speakers from different political and scientific persuasions are openly listened to and discussed, are things of the past. A new dark age of political oppression has rotted out the veneer of American higher education. Now, college students, deciding they are the law, have become completely misanthropic, hating all mankind, unless, of course, all mankind agrees with them, totally.

This was how it was in National Socialist Germany in the1930’s. One either agreed and went along with the party or one kept their mouths shut and stayed in the shadows lest they be carted off to Dachau as punishment for social deviation. What has not happen yet, in these violent disruptions, but probably coming soon, is the wanton and deliberate taking of lives. Innocent people will get hurt or killed if they even attempt to defend their property from these hooligans. To confront them on the streets will be a sure invitation to a beating or worse.

Presently, the fascist infection has mostly centered in the colleges and universities abetted by liberal administrators. The disease has spread into the halls of city councils and many state legislatures. Those in the federal government have just been routed but, wherever they are, their goal is the same, to enforce progressive dogma by threats, violence and intimidation if necessary, to any who fail to sufficiently embrace their demands.

The object of their affection was a Breitbart editor, Milo Yiannopoulos, who has been addressing schools around the country. But, the left said: “Although we object strenuously to Yiannopoulos’s views, he advocates white supremacy, transphobia and misogyny. It is rather harmful conduct to which we call attention in asking for cancellation of this event.”  When we hear words we don’t understand like transphobia and misogyny, be assured the speaker is a Liberal, socialist, fascist, commie and does not have our best intentions in mind, only theirs. You will obey, or…..!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, got get ‘em! (02Feb2017)

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