Panic in the Streets


Opinion by George McClellan:

There is a pandemic of stupidity going on in the American scene right now, ever since Trumps election, and it’s mostly coming from the deranged democrats, what’s left of ‘em, and their toady’s, the main stream media. They are all writhing in anguish over their lost chance of finally installing a socialist empire in America. It’s being played out for all to see, most as fake news.

I am not at all sanguine that the real story behind the fake news will be made aware to most Americans voters, especially as the left has been permitted, over the decades, to alter America’s educational systems from centers of Western learning, into propaganda machines of top down socialist dependency, designed solely to support the continuation forever, of totalitarian  government control over a sheep-fold of dependent Americans.

The left cannot abide Representative Constitutionalism. America is not a democracy and the re-education of Americans should start with that premise. Any political philosophy not supportive of the rule of law (our law, not Sharia law), is inimical to the best interests of all Americans who expect to live as free, self-motivating individuals and whose whole focus is to support their families as best they know how, not support a nanny state of pointy headed intellectuals who know nothing about growing an economy, unleashing the potential and power of free-enterprise and personal self sufficiency.

As Constitutional Americans, these foreign philosophies deserve our complete enmity and as Americans, we should all endeavor to resist their application into any phase of American politics.  This especially includes facilitating fascist Islam gaining any foothold in our public schools. It should included ripping out from those schools already infected the, I’m okay, you’re okay” philosophy of live and let live. We invite danger if we do not resist.

It is not necessary to resort to violence, yet, but to start by removing the leftist thinkers and school officials who believe it’s okay to have Islamic prayer rooms in public schools, but forbid  Christian prayers, nativity scenes or other symbols of Christianity displayed in schools or on other public property.

These offending school administrators should be reminded the schools are not theirs. They belong to the public from whom government extracts a large tax to operate. The product of those schools, i.e.: graduates, should not include purveyors of Islamic fascism as the role model for a style of government all Americans should follow.

The panic in the Left’s ranks is solely attributable to Donald Trump and his appeal to Americas populists, a vast range of base voters who have been scared to death of the direction Obama was taking America and didn’t know how to stop it. The answer came in the form of Donald Trump, who pointed out the problems we all saw, provided reasonable corrective answers and, while doing so, swept away the albatross around our necks that is “political correctness.”

Exactly, what is the “stupidity” we are witnessing? It’s the lefts desperate attempts to pin their collapse on the Russians, on Wikileaks, on Trump, on electors, on this and that as well as the other thing; any thing except the poor candidate they fielded in the person of the sick and aging Hillary Clinton. Many of us saw this coming early on. The conditioned pollsters, media and political hacks who run campaigns as an employment option, didn’t. Only the journalist and writer Ann Colter was prescient enough to see Trump’s victory. There is panic in the streets!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (15 Dec 2016)

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