One Mans Terrorist is Another Mans Patriot…


Opinion by George McClellan:
Continuing my theme of the Obama administration being the greatest threat to America and American’s, we are now treated to a soft sell plan by the FBI to alert American’s to be aware of their plan to protect us from domestic terrorism. The message is to teach us to be aware of those web sites dedicated to radicalizing and recruiting our youths lest they should act on behalf of terrorist groups to spread hate and discontent. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The FBI wants to protect us, they say, from violent extremists teaching radical ideologies to impressionable youths. They want to encourage community groups, schools, churches and even families to participate in their anti-terrorism program by monitoring what our youths are saying, doing and watching on their computers. Reading didn’t make the cut.

Upon viewing the FBI web site closely however, one can not help but notice that they are not warning us against the murderous threats from Islamic Jihadism wanting to spread Shariah Law throughout the land. The FBI is focusing instead on such innocuous groups as the Sovereign Citizens Extremists, Anti-abortion extremists, animal rights and environmental extremists, white supremacy extremists, anarchist extremists and militia extremists. In fact, if you were to ‘click’ on each site enumerated, a propagandized description comes up telling the viewer just how awful that group is. They even have a quiz one may take for each group.

Not listed as dangerous, yet, are Tea Party Activists, Constitutional activists, Black Lives Matter extremists, Islamic Jihadists or Democrats. Lest you have may have forgotten, so far, not one murderous outrage committed here in America, with the single possible exception of Timmothy McVey and the Oklahoma bombing, has been done by a tea party member, or a member of any constitutionalist group. By the way, early evidence that was quickly surpassed in the initial Oklahoma Federal Building investigation, showed that Timmothy McVey apparently did have contact with a then unidentified Islamic group.

Indeed, all the killings that make the news have been perpetrated by Islamic Jihadists, i.e.: NYC, twice, Ft. Hood, Tx., Garland, Tx., San Bernardino, Ca., and Chattanooga, Tn.. All the other shootings that sometimes make the news, including the daily slaughter in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston and New Orleans, have been committed by black or Mexican criminal gangs, registered Democrats or unstable white youths from liberal democrat families.

The most dangerous man in America, Barak Hussain Obama is, I believe, intent on creating a massive outrage before his term is up to justify martial law. That any FBI agent is even remotely involved in such nonsense would be a surprise to me. I reckon the people who create and monitor the web site are not Special Agents of the FBI but are hired or appointed acolytes of the politically controlled, inept, un-American party now in the hands of a crypto-marxist crackpot!

That “violent extremists” here are considered domestic American terrorists, but not Islamists, will be their excuse to further erode, by their own violence, our Constitutional freedoms. Since whites are the 60% majority of the population, then they must therefore, compose the majority of the terrorists that must be dealt with. That’s Obamas thinking. Of course those “terrorists” designated by Obama, so far are not guilty of any violence, destruction of property, deaths or violent assaults except, to be victims of the government in Burns, Oregon themselves. I do not include the animal rights and environmental terrorists in my calculation because they have done considerable damage to private property but they’re not killing anybody.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way, Now, go get imm!

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