Obama’s Real Legacy


Opinion by George McClellan:

“In five days, we will fundamentally start to change America”… Barak Obama, January 2009. Today, eight years after that promise and a mere six days from the inauguration of his successor, Donald J. Trump, Obama still meddles in issues of his failed and destructive foreign policy. He sends in the clown, John Kerry, to a Paris UN meeting about Israel for a last stab at ensuring the destruction of Israel at the hands of Israel’s UN Foes, the Arab block of the Islamic State for the restoration of the Levant (ISIL). Make no mistake!

Obama is leaving Trump with a foreign policy field strewn with landmines. In response, about Israel, Trump can eviscerate the UN by withdrawing all US funding; he can fight them politically, a non-starter, or he can withdraw the US completely, close the UN down and move them to some new digs in Ethiopia or the Sudan. There, they won’t be bothered by Jews and can instead, turn their attention to the age old problem of Islamic slavery, poverty, and piracy that’s been so long neglected. No problem there with parking tickets either.

Some say it would be an exercise in false consciousness to attack Obama’s motives as America’s first black President. But, by his deeds, his motives are clear enough. Most Jews in Israel are white refugees from European stock, many, survivors or descendants of survivors of the Nazi holocaust. Obama has displayed a clear antipathy against anyone who is white regardless of their history of being oppressed. Embedded in his promise to “fundamentally change America,” was his clear intent to change the whiteness of Americas original European emigrants and their religion, by fostering the mass invasion of brown people and their religion, Islam, into America as a replacement. America is on the threshold of civil war.

The gigantic debt Obama amassed and left for Trump, cannot be repaid, even if Hillary were president. When the collapse comes, the New World Order will blame it all on Trump, conservatives, nationalism and populism, not the Progressives (Marxists), who created all this mischief in the first place. In desperation, the sheep will flock to their siren call for shearing.

Sadly, Obama will not be there to take the blame. Happily, Obama will not be here at all. But, he will stand in the shadows and point his boney finger of accusation at Trump, shoot arrows of divisive mischief at the Republican Congress as they attempt to dismantle and correct his destructive policies, and rely on the smattering of Democrat politicians left, to obstruct Trumps advancement as best they can. But I fear it might be too late.

Obama, as we have come to realize, accepts no blame for his failures but denigrates any Republican success, like wining both houses of Congress and the Presidency, to the failures of others who did not understand his message. He “didn’t make himself clear.” For Obama there is always an excuse for his opponents’ successes, never an acceptance of his failures.

Obama’s real legacy lies in the numbers. How many States are now Republican? How many Democrat politicians remain in Congress? How many Democrats hold legislative bodies in the fifty states? How may black lives are taken on the streets of Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit?

Obama’s round of self-congratulatory farewell speeches is for him alone. His ego demands it. His dwindling number of followers, despite the fake news reports about his popularity, can only whine, protest and complain about their Progressive losses but they can only blame one person, Barak Obama himself. He alone has effectively destroyed the Democrat Party. Lets hope so!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (15Jan 2017)

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