What’s Wrong With “Queen” Hillary?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

What is it with Hillary Rodham Clinton? She just won’t go away. She won’t quit or accept the inevitable, the one clearly decided by the electoral vote, that she lost. She will not be President; she will never be President, but she’ll be a constant pain in the butt until she’s finally jailed.

Remember the scene in the movie Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy throws a bucket of water at the burning broom and it splashes on the Wicked Witch of the East who then promptly proceeds to melt? That’s exactly how I see Hillary right now, in meltdown screaming “Oh, all my lovely wickedness destroyed by a brat.”

I suspect in a few years, colleges and universities that teach psychiatry, will closely study the life that is Hillary Clintons with minute scrutiny as the best textbook example of a psychotic, desperate psychopath, a conditioned narcissistic liar and a dysfunctional sociopath, emotionally crippled by not getting what she wanted the instant she wanted it. To be labeled a ‘Queen,” when one is specifically not, is the starting point for the derision that follows, the “queen,” in Hillary’s case, never realizing the hyperbole of the supposed honor.

New police officers, in their initial training at their police academy’s are taught some of the rudimentary but dangerous aspects of mental derangement to look for as a means of self defense when confronting violators. This is true for simple traffic stops but especially more important when responding to domestic dispute situations. In Hillary’s case, how does a Secret Service protection detail protect the President from his outraged spouse who throws lamps and crockery at him?

If reports from Hillary’s former security details members have any validity, and none have been disputed yet, then Hillary fits the model of one who is to be handled very carefully lest her derangements ends up in uncontrollable tantrums and regrettable violence.

Hillary’s crimes, both as Secretary of State and as a private citizen running for high office are inexcusable and certainly would be to the ordinary citizen like General Petraeus, for example, or any former government employee who did what she did. Over the decades Hillary has created for herself the myth of inevitability. Her will is so great, her turn to be the first woman president was pre-ordained and her right to it is incontestable. These are examples of the derangement syndrome that affects not only her but her many equally deranged followers.

Nut houses are filled with people who believe they are the reincarnation of Genghis Khan, Napoleon or some other swaggering hero of ages past. Some are certain they came to earth as travelers on a space ship and got left behind. Maybe Hillary is one of those.

This woman is an emotional time bomb ready to go off. Her reappearance on the public stage continues her delusion and no amount of counsel will move her from her derangement, the continued belief that she should still be President, and was entitled to it, the Russians not withstanding, is evidence enough. After the November 8 election and its disastrous outcome for the still disbelieving Hillary Clinton, her supposed therapeutic walks in the woods could actually have been hazardous to small animals and children at play, yet she still believes she’s a contender. Ain’t gonna happen sister! She’s a loser, twice, and will get no more chances. Her time is up and the Socialists had better dump her quick and move on. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (7May17)

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