Changing Times, or Are They?


Opinion by George McClellan:

So much news that isn’t. Fidel Castro is dead. So what? His family owned government lives on in his brother Raul and the succession of Castro family members in tow. The Cuban people are still prisoners and will remain so until the Castro Cuban crime family, who the Clinton Crime Family wanted to emulate, is violently eradicated. Times are changing.

Even with Fidel’s death Obama couldn’t help but make it about himself. ”During my presidency,” he said, “we have worked hard (with the Cuban’s) to put the past behind us……..” ad naseum! Will this man, Obama, really be missed when he’s gone? Will he never go away?

Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, in a super clever ruse to enrich her environmentalism party has collected nearly $5.3 million already, and is still collecting, from saps who truly believe a recount will change things. The trick is, Stein even said she can’t guarantee results (because it’s hopeless) but they must try. Send in your money. In the years ahead her party will have a nearly $7 million nest egg to start campaigning on again. It’s just a money-grubbing racket. Hows that for s fraud scheme?

All things considered, watching the Democrat party in complete meltdown makes it apparent that the Party has been reduced from a national to a coastal party, meaning East and West coasts only, where bastions of progressive-liberals cling to dangerous ideas like sanctuary cities, welcoming in illegal aliens, especially the Islamic Jihadist crowd that particularly hates them and what they stand for, and free stuff for everybody. Times are changing.

The only possible salvation for the Democrat party lies in Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Youngstown, Ohio, challenging for his minority party’s leadership against Nancy Pelosi. He is a twelve year Representative who appeared on all this Sunday’s talk shows and outlined a perfectly understandable program for returning his party to mainstream America. Actually, he about accurately described the establishment Republican party as well.

What Tim Ryan must say, and hasn’t yet, is that the Democrat Party’s must renounce its alliance with Marxism, reestablish its roots in basic Americana, prostrate themselves before the authority of the US Constitution and beg forgiveness of the American people. Failure to do this will ensure their longevity as a coastal party of little or no influence. Worse, in the party’s scramble to fill it’s DNC leadership positions, appointing a muslim will be the absolute death-knell for the Democrat Party. If that’s to be, so be it! Times are changing.

America has been pulled back from the abyss. Since the election I have sensed the heightened mood of the people. Shops and restaurants are running at full tilt. Optimism is flowering and a great sigh of relief permeates the atmosphere. Only the media and the die-hard Marxists that populate our colleges and universities as students, deans and professors, who scream in agony and threaten to leave America at Trumps triumph, feel the pain. Any remorse, shame, guilt or reflection at the collapse of Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions, is left solely to them. Times are indeed changing.

They can only lament their fallen dreams but, beware, they never die. They will rise up out of the ashes like a burning ember from an open fire and will once again fan the flames of division, dissatisfaction and hopelessness until enough sheep return to the fold and they can start over again. We can not let our guard down. Vigilance, knowledge and the truth will keep us free.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (27 Nov.16)

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