Opinion written by George McClellan:

“I think the greatest thing we can do is just unite, and love on each other… no barriers, no borders, we all need to just coexist.”…Katy Perry’s response to the Manchester bombing that killed 22 innocent people that stands as another example of a really stupid person with a public microphone mouthing out an inane statement in hopes that the alligator will eat her last.

The really big problem is our western political leaders who would have us believe, on the threat of imprisonment for harboring hateful thoughts against violent muslims jihadists because, they assert, that Islam is a religion of peace. These politicians deny the true facts about Islam and/or refuse to believe them and so we are forced to go along to get along, our personal beliefs be damned. The result will be more Manchester’s, Brussels, Paris’s, Nice’s, San Bernardino’s and Orlando’s, Islamic attacks ready to go on line. We are being killed off by political correctness, a total failure to acknowledge who the enemy is and what motivates them. It’s an open book!

Those youngsters, and parents waiting for them who were blown to bits by one deranged jihadists had no grief with the other people around them. If they had, they still were not accompanied by murderous intent toward the others. People were there simply to enjoy the Ariana Grande concert, do their jobs or collect their children when the show was over. Only one man couldn’t get along with his neighbors because his mind was twisted by the wicked, evil marching orders found only in the pages of the Koran, words justifying the deaths of others because Allah demands it.

This Manchester Jihadist attack was not senseless nor mindless. It was ordained. It’s all written in the pages of the Koran. Allah is perfect and his word is perfection. How does a decadent western infidel reform perfection? When our politicians can answer that question we might finally have an answer for Katy Perry. Naw, that won’t happen. Islam means submission. For us decadent infidels, that means we either submit or fight as the only answer left.

Coexistence is a word not found in the Muslim vocabulary. They hate anything not justified in the pages of the Koran. They fill their followers heads with a poisonous nonsense, a hate that leaves them only with an uncontrollable rage fed by the mere presence of non believers in their midsts that triggers a willingness to die while taking infidels with him. How do we fight suicided’s as a weapon?

In his speech to the attendees at the Arab Islamic American Conference President Trump attended Monday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Trumps answer to ISIS was “Drive them out, Drive them out, Drive them out.” Prophetic words indeed, a day later. These words will fall on deaf ears in the the UK, Germany, Belgium and France. They have all but been overrun by Islam. Englishmen in their own country are hostages to a foreign philosophy slowly asserting itself as the prime mover of societal change in the once proud British society.

When will Teressa May and the British people, not the imported rag heads who claim to be British, finally say “enough is enough, already” and recognize that “East is East and West is West and never the twain will meet?”

Germany is worse off. Angela Merkel has told the Germans to “get used to it” Immigration and all the evil it brings with it is here to stay. How can you fight idiocy like that? It’s coming to America as well folks, as long as we stay committed to a coexistence with evil. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (25May20)

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