Islam, In Our Face


Opinion by George McClellan:

Officials in the City of San Bernardino, Ca. (my home town) “aims to prevent anti-muslim hate crimes.” Where did that come from a full one year after two muslim jihadists, who hated America, declared war on San Bernardino co-workers and slaughtered fourteen people in a hail of gunfire. It was a Muslim husband and wife hit team and It wasn’t Smith and Jones.

 The very idea of the term “hate crimes,” is an odious infringement on our first amendment rights and should be removed because its enforces the Left’s idea of punishment of decent folks by threats for violating political correctness. A murder is a murder. It was not applied to the jihadists who murdered their co-workers in San Bernardino last year nor any other Jihadist attack anywhere else in America for that matter. Yet the City of San Bernardino threatens Americans with hate crime violations when not one incident against muslims can be attributed to any residents of that city since the attack. Jews are attacked far more often then are Muslims.

 Who is it, in that city government, who believes they have some righteous authority to tell American’s they cannot defend themselves from criminals? Who is going to prevent Muslims Jihadists from committing hate crimes against Americans? These alleged lone wolf attacks are nonsense. They are planned, supported and follow a pattern we see throughout Europe, the Middle-East and now, in some areas of Asia.

 The aim of these small attacks, and the tepid reaction to them by liberal authorities, is a conditioning program to prepare us not to be ready when larger attacks are mounted. We are being trained to not hate Muslims simply because they are muslims and certainly, take no action against them when these small attacks do occur. It’s a process conditioning, like Pavlov’s dog.

 The aim of it all is to convince Americans that resistance is futile and salvation can only be found in submission to Islam. The very word Islam means “submission.” Presently, we have been through several years of Progressive conditioning by having God all but beaten out of us, and especially during the past eight years. The substitute of course is Islam. How do we know this, because we are forced to submit to their stupid demands. No Christian prayer or artifacts in schools or public places, but prayer rooms, halal foods, clogging streets to pray and bending to their every other need is encouraged lest they should be offended.

 On November 8th, America threw Obama and his idiotic ideas out the door. The Progressive Democrat Party is in total disarray and no longer occupy a position to object to Americans protecting themselves. The anti-muslin hate crime idea is a sham as is the politician who proposed it. He/they should also be shown the door. It remains a dangerous policy to play with rattlesnakes and that’s what the democrats are doing. Worse, they’re demanding we play with rattlesnakes too.The word used is “tolerance” but, on our part only. Muslims, the new protected class, are not being required to show tolerance. Tolerance with a fascist pseudo-religion that hates us, is actually as intolerable as it is impossible.

 Islamophobia is the practice of self-awareness, knowing who the real enemy, “Islam” is, and practice self defense against their unprovoked attacks. These principles must be learned and practiced and should become the order of the day until they can all be rounded up and sent back to their countries of origin. Only then will America’s be truly safe from hate crimes. Islamic attacks, shielded by Progressive nincompoops, like liberal politicians and college professors will continue until our attitudes have changed. It’s already starting to happen in Europe.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (6 Dec 2016)


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