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Changing America, Back? Change Our Schools First

Do we really want to change America back to the 50’s or 60’s? By no means! America has thrived on immigration, welcomed it’s new comers into the bosom of its freedoms by informing them of our just laws, its protections and the fact that even they could advance economically by their own efforts within the frame of the Constitution. In one generation, two at the most, they all became Americans.

Then came Progressivism, a Marxist/Socialist philosophy that can only survive on the misery of their subjects as we seen in Cuba and Venezuela. Progressives (Marxists) knew Americans wouldn’t accept being enslaved so, over the course of several decades, they set about systematically changing, one by one, our culture, our moral values and our religious faiths, whether it be Christian, Hindu, Jew or Hottentot.They attacked our independence and self reliance by introducing multiculturalism and ensured our enslavement to government dependence. Illegals however, don’t want to be American’s they just want its protected freebies.

The changes now apparent within the ranks of the Democrat Party are radical. Much of the educational staff and newer alumni of many of our public colleges and universities are firmly entrenched in the Marxism that has also infected the ranks of labor unions both private and government. The teachers unions are rotten communists to the core and have done a signal job dumbing down Americas future leaders, workers and entrepreneurs. But, they are turning out individual units of Trojan Horses to spread the infection into our government and our business corporations.

Does anyone not see the successful results of their “Transforming America,” in the recently arrested Reality Leigh Winner? Who names their children with ignorant names like that? Only hippies from the 1960’s have done that. In any event, who can deny that Ms. Winner, was college educated because she was commissioned an officer in the USAF, held a TS/SCI Security Clearance, later went to work for an NSA Contractor and then freely gave classified US Top Secret Reports to a media outlet. Apart from revealing Americas secrets her actions, and that of other leakers, serve to undermine Americans confidence in how government does business, (as we now are learning), or protects Americans.

Ms. Winner is a proud product of our Marxist infested colleges where Marxism, socialism, multiculturalism and most certainly, ant-Americanism are the new norms. Her youth, pretty looks and passion for whatever it is she champions, should not save her from the consequences of her treachery. She and the former FBI Director James Comey, should both be made examples of what should happen to “leakers.” I’m afraid, at the moment, we’ may still be waiting for such charges against Hillary Clinton, Huma Abaden, Donna Brazile, Susan Rice, Lois Lerner, Loretta

Lynch and even, Obama himself. Criminals if not in fact traitors all.

Some media headlines refer to Ms. Winner as a “Whistleblower.” Crap! She’s a traitor and because we are in armed conflict in the middle east and maybe soon, with North Korea, she should be treated as the spy she is and hanged soon after her conviction. But shockingly, Reality Winner is only one of millions of such American youths that have matriculated through the brainwashing sessions of our corrupted public colleges and universities. Many will soon want to become our political leaders, like John Ossoft, contending for a Georgia House seat in a district in which he doesn’t even reside. Tea Party Conservatives must fight these outrages. Trump has opened the door but he can’t do it alone while also fending off the braying Democrat hounds nipping at his heels.

Can we even imagine hoards of like minded Reality Winners, secretly embedded in government or in government contractor organizations selling out America because they were taught that America was the worlds real “evil empire?” Well, there are more of them out there just waiting to strike when they think American policy requires their personal adjustment. Like all Progressives, their standard answer will be “But, we meant well!”

Before going to the polls, voters, particularly Tea Party conservatives, must study and understand the history of every political candidate for public office, especially knowing where they went to college, what their major was and if they participated in any riotous street demonstrations, among other questions. Candidates must be challenged at Town Hall meetings, hard questions asked and straight answers demanded. Conservatives should attend Democrat candidate rally’s, like they attend ours and make them work to earn their candidacy.

As politicians, especially Democrats have proved, political campaigns are exercises in prevarication, lie fest’s for the most part devoid of hard facts or skimmed of their essence and presented in bumper sticker sound bites for the consumption of other equally mind numbed voters.

Conservatives must communicate with their congressmen, daily if necessary, and express their outrage about the collapse of honest government and the rise of voter fraud. It’s evident the Progressives know they can’t win an election until they have indoctrinated a generation or two of American school children from grade school through college to become viable servants of Socialism. Ms. Winner shows us how far they have actually come to succeeding. It may already be too late. That needs to end! The educational system must be revamped, like the military, on an emergency basis. Let’s get with it. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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