A Noise in the Woods


We’re acquainted with the phrase: “if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does it still make a noise?” Extrapolate the question: “If CNN is still producing their lies, does anybody still watch it?” While we cannot possibly equate the sound of a tree crashing in the woods, with the frustrated screams of impotent dismay coming from the staff and interviewers of the Crazy News Network, (CNN).” The parallels of dying organisms remain the same. They all fall.

A dead tree usually falls of its own accord when its lifeless roots finally release their hold on the sweet earth and the once vibrant and living organism falls, finally to lie lifeless and supine on the forests floor. It will slowly decay eventually turning to dust, adding what nutrients it has to the benefit of new growth in the whole forest.

Not so with collapsing news organizations like CNN. They make a lot of noise when they fall whether you want to hear it or not because everybody talks about it. CNN is in denial supported by MSNBC, ABC, et. al.. They have rotted long before their demise and their fall will never nourish the remaining networks still left standing in the forest.

Exactly what is the poisonous source that is killing CNN? why it’s the political neanderthal, Donald Trump, sloshing his un-presidential way through the swamp of excepted practices of Presidential leadership. Why, he’s not presidential at all. He tweets, he tells it like it is, he trolls reporters and journalists, revealing their weakness’s, he talks with the Russians, he is, according to CNN’s Brian Stelter, “dangerous” and a “fascists.”

A youthful Trump supporter, supposedly a computer savvy teenager, became the target of a rabid CNN act of character assassination. Oh, the horror, a mere child ridiculing the once great CNN with a Trump video meme. CNN’s negative reaction was shocking and another blow to their reliability. In defense, CNN’s Brian Stelter, in another almost apoplectic breakdown of his sanity, organized another panel of leftists syncopates to defend the networks questionable “outing” of the young blogger, by threatening to reveal his identity.

Predictably, because they are Leftists, CNN attacked their other critics comparing them to the hundreds of blog threats of violence allegedly received by Leftist journalists. This marks the start of their own victimization claims. When Leftists claim victim status, and their conspiracy theory can’t be debunked, then perhaps it’s no longer just a theory.

John Avlon of the Daily Beast, in CNN’s defense said:“We’re the real victims, we're going to swarm on– via social media at the very least with real threats to try to create an aura of confusion. And it has to be predicated on a fundamental lie to distract from the original issue, which is the President of the United States tweeting out a meme that shows violence against a news outlet. Then we'll do that and we’ll try to play the victim and get the upper hand. And we’ll use social media swarm tactics to do it.”

Is that what is now taught in schools of journalism or is this merely the leftover, embedded corruption of the Clinton machine that suborned everything decent in its path, people, institutions, even leadership of the FBI?

The awful legacy of the Clinton’s is coming into clearer view. The Clinton News Network, like the Clinton foundation it protected, is rotten to its roots. When the collapse does come, the noise will be frightening. Don’t stand beneath a falling tree! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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