Short Takes – The Never Ending Pursuit


A full year of determined investigation by a completely Democrat staffed team of Clintonite  lawyers seeking any clue no matter how small to unseat President Donald Trump, must be nearing its inevitable conclusion. So far, the results: Nil! They’re reaching for nothing now.


This unprecedented and improper action by the Left driven Mueller investigation against President Trumps personal lawyer, represents a direct threat on our principles encapsulated in  our 4th amendment against unreasonable search and seizure. It is supposedly, to protect us all. If it is allowed to stand how fast will the long arm of Progressive driven “Justice” reach before its campaign against ordinary conservatives gets rolling? Where will they build their gulags?

They won’t so long as we keep our guns.


Mueller’s action recklessly presumes the attorney-client provision is of no consequence and worse, it presumes that the power of one department of government can, by whim only, counter the US Constitution to focus its destructive power on whomever does not follow the Progressive line. These principles have never been applied to the Democrat criminals of the Clinton class.


Trumps one successful year of wading through the ‘establishments’ swamp, so carefully erected  over the past decades by the Marxist-Democrat party, is driving them to hysterical means to stop Trumps steamrolling carnage of their well laid plans. They almost had America.


The official attack on the Presidents attorney had to have been conducted on the basis of a legitimate warrant based upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place(s) to be search & etc., etc. With a failed history of using a phony Fusion Report as the basis of obtaining counter-Intelligence warrants, how can Americans remain sanguine about the validity of this intrusion into Trumps past, a track far outside the initial aim of finding collusion with the Russians? How can we as citizens feel safe from the Swamp gas?


Any results of Mueller investigation cannot be trusted at face value and is therefore invalid as far as public opinion is concerned, Democrats and Progressives excepted. They’ll accept anything as long as it serves to destroy Donald Trumps presidency. That is their total and complete goal.


The Mueller end-around by using the US Attorney’s office of the Southern District of New York, is another scheme to avoid investigative responsibility on the now false “Collusion” issue. What magistrates court issued the warrant based on data sworn to be true when it is immediately suspect?  Where is Jeff Sessions? I would bet his days are numbered.


Dare I say it, but this pursuit cannot be rationalized as anything but improper. Americas political scene has been beyond improper for a long time. We were beyond improper when the husband of the subject of an FBI investigation privately visited the Attorney General of the US on an  airplane tarmac to talk about golf and grandchildren. We went beyond improper when the Secretary of State colluded with a major donor to the Clinton Foundation to sell 1/3 of Americas uranium to the Russians. It was improper when Hillary Clinton wasn’t interrogated under Miranda warning. It was improper for the FBI to destroy laptops of potential col-conspirators. It was improper to allow these co-conspirators to sit in on the Clinton interview. It is improper that the FBI has sullied its reputation by being corrupted by the Clintons.


And just to let everyone know, when the President of the United States cannot count on the law to protect his rights, how we can we as mere citizens, expect our rights to be preserved when its our turn in the barrel?


When the FBI is done with this unprecedented search for a porn stars hush money, to be connected no doubt, to a donation from the Ukrainian government then the rule of law in America will have been effectively negated. Lawyers everywhere are now trembling.


In all seriousness, If you’re going do anything illegal or politically opposite the Progressive agenda, make sure you’re a registered Democrat donor. That will make you untouchable by the law. Lt. General Flynn became a victim of this Progressive steamroller. If you live in Trumps  world, expect to be investigated. That’s called the new Progressive justice, but that’s okay because nobody likes Trump’s hair style.


I cannot see the GOP leadership working to protect the President. Those Republican politicians, who work outside of the Elite GOP’s sphere, should probably start getting their affairs in order if Trump loses this battle with Mueller. Democrats will cheat to ensure that that does not happen.


If Muller succeeds for the Progressives, we can forget Presidential politics.The winner will have already been decided. Only Progressives need apply. Yes, they’ll be Republicans like John Kasich or Jeb Bush from time to time to have the appearance of fairness, but it will be controlled by the Swamp. We won’t need to concern ourselves with Presidential elections anymore. From now on, our betters, the one world government crowd, will select the right choice for us.


The good news is, we know Trump is not a dictator. If he were, he would have been assassinated by now. The Clinton’s have a good track record of that. Right now, Progressives truly believe they can avoid a tawdry and messy ‘Executive Action’ solution and still destroy Trump by the death of a thousand cuts.


In the end, I do not believe this silent “coup” against Donald Trump will succeed. When it does end, the perpetrators of the coup should face the serious consequences of their illegal activities, their phony warrant applications, their manufactured claims, destroying evidence, ignoring the real criminals, the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. and their waste fraud and abuse of tax payer funds. We can do better!


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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