Union County accepting rollback for 2021 millage rate

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BLAIRSVILLE, GA – The 2021 millage rate will be dropping to 6.024 mills from last year’s 7.187 mills in Union County.

“The State Computation form indicates this is a 0.00% tax increase. The rollback rate is set by the State of Georgia using the county’s net digest number,” the county notice stated.

Union County recently completed a county-wide property reevaluation where many citizens saw substantial increases. At public hearings on the matter, Sole Commissioner Lamar Paris promised the millage rate would come down from last year. The property taxes for the year had not been calculated yet.

2020’s millage rate triggered a 17 percent property tax increase on the county side, not including the board of education millage rate. The board of education is also lowering its 2021 millage rate.

The Georgia Department of Revenue has the net tax percent increase on the 2021 Tax Digest at 10.63 percent. The number is “based on growth in the county only (new properties, additions, etc.), NOT inflationary growth.”

The total county net tax increase in dollar amount for $997,886. The total digest value is $1,723,597,819 and the total M&O taxes levied for 2021 is $10,382,953. See the tax digest for a breakdown of the unincorporated and incorporated areas of Union County.

The next county meeting is on September 16 at 6 p.m. at the Union County Courthouse.

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