Board of Education addresses Warriors for Social Justice Group

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WHITE, GA.- The Board of Education addressed the community and the concerns about the Warriors for Social Justice group at their board meeting on Thursday, September 30.

On July 27, former substitute teacher James King brought to the notice of the board of education a group operating on google classrooms. The group was called Warriors for Social Justice. This was the first of many times King and his growing group brought the matter to the Board’s attention.

On July 27 according to Chairwoman Missy Jarrard, the board began investigating the claims King made about the group. However, the board never released an official statement to the public on the investigation or the findings. Due to this, King and his group believed that nothing was being done with the information they provided.

Former substitute teacher James King speaking during the meeting.

King and four others spoke again about their concerns dealing with the Warriors for Social Justice group at the meeting on Thursday. It was then that the board made a formal statement to the public about the matter.

” Tonight I would like to make a formal response on behalf of the board. The White County Board of Education has thoroughly investigated the allegations brought forth regarding the social justice teacher discussion group that took place after hours, we have found nothing to support the claims that critical race theory has been brought into any curriculum or has impacted instruction in any way. Through our investigation, it was found White County School System has followed the state board standards, curriculum, and policies. The members of the board of education supports the White County Superintendent Dr. Laurie Burkett and the teachers and staff of the White County School System. At this point and at this level the White County Board of Education considers this matter closed,” stated Chairwoman Missy Jarrard.

Jarrard’s statement was met with applause from the majority of the people in attendance. King and his group made no further comments at the meeting.

Board Business

Chairwoman Missy Jarrard delivering her formal statement for the board.

The ESPLOST request is $59,174.00. It is broken down to $7,174.00 for two pottery wheels and one Olympic oval kiln for the high school. $12,000.00 for new band equipment also for the high school. $36,500.00 for renovations of the main public restrooms at the central office which was built in 1972. Finally, $3,500.00 for a large format printer, ink, laminator and laminate rolls to be used by all the schools.

For the June and July reports, Finance Director Julie Dorsey presented the Board with the numbers. The June revenue in the general fund is $41,033,546.04 and the expenditures are $3,160,107.13. The July revenue is $305,238.38 and the expenditures are $771,502.61.

The July financial report for the general fund.


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