Georgia 14th candidates talk about Second Amendment

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One issue that voters in the Northwestern Georgia district feel passionately about is the Second Amendment. Although the short amendment was ratified on Dec. 17, 1791, the interpretation of it splits politicians.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Here is what the candidates for Georgia’s 14th Congressional seat have to say about it. The following snap-shot is compiled from candidate interviews and their websites.

Kevin Cooke

We forget that it’s there to protect us from a tyrannical government first and foremost. We don’t hear about that quite as much when the second amendment pops up. We hear about personal protection and the hunting aspect, but really, the main point when it was written was to protect the first and then the latter amendments. The second amendment is so important and makes us who we are in America. The second amendment is nothing but us recognizing what we already have, that God gave us the right. Its not something I say passively, I wholeheartedly embrace it especially  on the federal level. “Shall not be infringed” means the federal government has no authority to limit it. I supported numerous different bills supporting it. The State of Georgia decides how guns are carried. I voted for and supported every piece of legislation in the 10 years I’ve been in the assembly to include a co-sponsor of constitutional carry. I am very much for us not limiting the God given rights that we have. One  issue I hoped we would never have to face, we are dealing with right now and that is the emergency power of the governor. Prior to this, the governor could stop the manufacturing and sale of guns and ammunition in times of emergency.  We fought to get that changed.

To see Kevin Cooke’s interview, watch here.

Marjorie Greene

I was fighting against gun control laws when there was a bill in congress I didn’t like, I’d buy a plane ticket and fly to D.C. to talk to the lawmakers, on my own dime. I’m a woman gun owner, small business owner.

Gunowners of America is the longest standing and most conservative gun rights groups and they have endorsed me.  I am one of the few candidates in the country that was a part of a school shooting. My high school was taken hostage by a student who wanted to shoot people. There were no cell phones, no active shooter training. He brought three guns in a duffle bag, pulled one out in the first class. He gave up his guns after a couple of hours but he actually held the school hostage. This was at  South Forsyth High School and I was in 11th grade. It was the very beginning of the school year. There was no good guy with a gun. I don’t want our children at the mercy of someone in that frame of mind and no one able to defend them. At the same time Joe Biden was working to pass gun-free school zones.

It’s the equalizer. It levels the playing field.

To see Marjorie Green’s interview, watch here.

John Barge

I have my own concealed carry permit and have for years. The Second Amendment a is a constitutional right plain and simple. That makes it a federal issue. I have always felt like if I was a principle if I had something like that happen, I would want the option of protecting my students with a weapon. As superintendent, I have let schools make their own decisions to allow teachers to volunteer if they are trained properly. I would absolutely protect my kids that way.

To see John Barge’s interview, watch here.




Whitfield GOPClay and Kate Fuller

Clay is a firm supporter of the firearm ownership rights of law-abiding citizens. The Second Amendment clearly is an individual right and has nothing to do with the collective rights of any group. It also says nothing about hunting or sporting purposes. The founders understood that an armed citizenry was the last defense against tyranny.

Clay has actually read the Second Amendment and all the case law surrounding it. He is very aware of the creeping attacks on it. It’s not just one big attack, its incremental, chipping away at this right. He sees all of it and he gets it. Clay also feels very strongly that the right to bear arms preceded the the amendment. We already had the right. It’s a God given right to protect oneself. You can’t take this away, it’s already here. It’s an essential part of this country, and you need  people pushing back against the chip chip chip.

He was in D.C., working with the administration when the bump stock ban happened. He was against it, he spoke up. He was overwritten, but it was gun control.

To hear what Kate Fuller has to say about her husband, Clayton, watch here.

Bill Hembree

I’m a very strong on Second Amendment. When I was in the House moved legislation to support our right. The NRA gave me an A or A+ rating nine times, I have a track record. That’s so important when dealing with protecting our Second Amendment

To see Bill Hembree’s interview, watch here.



ben bullockBen Bullock

Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens won’t keep bad people from doing bad things. Period.

Georgians should be able to own guns for hunting or self-defense if they choose to do so. Owning a firearm is a constitutional right, no matter how hard Washington liberals try to fight it. If elected, I will protect our Second Amendment rights in Congress.

Being a gun owner and hunter, I will always protect it. I believe in the philosophical belief, they were escaping an absolute monarchy with no way to defend their rights. It’s a very valuable check and balance. An interesting anecdote, many people do not believe Japan invaded the us because all our citizens were armed. We do not need more laws. The red flag laws are totally inappropriate. They are not constitutional. It always go back to how do you stop mass shooting: it’s an emotional reaction. But school shootings is a matter of mental health and school security-safety issue.

Mental health is a huge issue and it’s tied to the opiod crisis. Addressing things early on and not letting it progress to where it’s not treatable. We have to do more.

To see Ben Bullock’s interview, watch here.

andy guntherAndy Gunther

Gunther believes all the rules to make it easier to carry  looks good but show how the government infringed on that right to begin with. The bills brought forward are not going far enough. There should be a national right to carry.

Restrictions on gun ownership should be placed on violent offenders that have proven that they do not value life. Aggravated assault, murder, aggravated rape are examples. People on illicit drugs, and people with severe, dangerous mental health issues should also be restricted. I do not believe  in the “Red Flag” laws being pushed forward because those will create a “slippery Slope.”


To see Andy Gunther’s interview, watch here.

John Cowan

Liberals use gun control as a cop out to be lazy. They want to take the guns away rather than look at other solutions. We need more dads in the households who can teach their children to use them properly. The problem is the people who pull the trigger, not the weapon. Those doing these things don’t have fathers around or mothers- they are either gone or not there emotionally. They don’t have a church or community. Our problem is so many have turned their back on God or they’ve turned their back on those who don’t have anyone. We need to show them why we don’t need to infringe on our guns by showing that in our communities we will teach the youth how important it is. Educating the youth is as important as marching. We have to practice what we preach. We have to be involved in church or community and find these young men who don’t have a man in their life and teach them. It would promote a new respect for the Second Amendment.

To see John Cowan’s interview, watch here.



14 Congressional Race Van AusdalKevin Van Ausdal (Democrat)

I’m very different than most of my party on the Second Amendment. I don’t believe in banning high capacity magazines. It doesn’t address the issue of gun violence. I believe ownership is ingrained into our culture and it’s how we won our freedom. I want to preserve that for us. The Second Amendment is to protect ourselves from animals, criminals and a tyrannical government.

We can expand background checks without forming registries. We need a solution that will preserve our rights and make decisions that will protect our family. we want meaningful reform,

I would like to see all private sales go through background checks and have NICS open to all to give private sellers the confidence.

I don’t know why bump stocks are illegal but you can own a full automatic weapon if you have enough money for the license. I don’t like registries for accessories, but we could do that.  We need to go back to the National Firearms Act of 1934 and make some changes. For instance sawed off shot guns are illegal but revolvers shooting shot guns shells are legal.

To see Kevin Van Ausdal’s interview, watch here.


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