Georgia’s 14th Congressional candidates speak on abortion

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One issue that voters in the Northwestern Georgia district feel passionately about is abortion. Here is what the candidates for Georgia’s 14th Congressional seat have to say about abortion. The following snap-shot is compiled from candidate interviews and their websites.

Kevin Cooke

I’m the only one who has actually voted on these issues. Being a believer in Christ, I believe what the Word says that he knew us before we were in our mother’s womb. To have liberty and to pursue happiness, we have to have life. I would support every piece of pro-life legislation. I voted for the fetal pain bill to limit the abortions to 20 weeks and most recently, I voted for the heart-beat bill which again separates me from the rest of the field. You can know and see what I’ve done. You don’t have to take my word for it.

What we’ve done in the general assembly is take a serious look at our state’s adoption policy to make it easier and less expensive to adopt children. The fundamental view to argue that there would be more children to care for is very heinous. At that point, you are choosing who lives and who dies according to what you think their standard of life might be and that’s a scary spot for anyone in government to be a part of. Every single life is valuable. There are plenty of people in this country and state who would love to have that child as part of their family and we need to make adoption easier. As a believer its important and as a member of government, we should look at ways to help. Every individual deserves respect and I believe our founding documents demand it.

To see Kevin Cooke’s interview, watch here.

Marjorie Greene

Every life is precious — period. Unborn children should not be condemned to a painful death for the mere crime of being “inconvenient.” I will fight to end abortion-on-demand, co-sponsor the Life at Conception Act and stop taxpayer funding of abortion.

I have been certified by the Georgia Life Alliance and I work with the Georgia Right to Life. Planned Parenthood continued to provide abortions when everything was shut down and our resources were needed at the hospitals, it was selfish of them.

To see Marjorie Green’s interview, watch here.

John Barge

My belief and faith in God teachers me that life begins at conception and must be valued, protected and defended. On the issue of life, I never, ever compromise. If our legal system recognizes that a person who causes the death of an unborn child is guilty of infanticide, then how is abortion not the same? I’ll work to defund Planned Parentthoodd once and for all and defend our religious liberties which are under attack.

I don’t understand a government that will try and convict a person of infanticide, but when the mother causes the death, its a choice.

To see John Barge’s interview, watch here.



Whitfield GOPClay and Kate Fuller

I am committed to defending the most defenseless among us, the unborn child. I believe both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution clearly give the federal government the authority and duty to protect the rights of the unborn child. I believe Roe v. Wade was one of the most destructive decisions ever taken by the Supreme Court and I will support a constitutional amendment to protect the unborn.

Clayton is 100-percent pro life. He has no problem standing up and defending the unborn, it’s essential. He has spent his life standing up and defending people who can’t defend themselves in court -victims who have suffered terrible things. It extends 100-percent to the unborn. He lives it. That’s one thing about Clay, it’s one thing to say you support something but can you back it up? He can.

Clay is much like others, certified by Georgia Life Alliance and we both agree that a woman should have access to ultrasound and listen to the heartbeat when they find out they are pregnant. A life is not a choice. Just like anyone who is born, you have to have opportunity. You can’t take care of a baby if you can’t find a job, or if you are in a negative cycle, you need help to turn that around When that baby comes, they need to be born in community that cares about his/her well-being. Community matters, it’s a much broader issue than being pro-life.

To hear what Kate Fuller has to say about her husband, Clayton, watch here.

Bill Hembree

When I served in the Georgia House of Representatives I moved legislation to protect the unborn. I’m certified by the Georgia Life Alliance. I’ll always defend the unborn.

We need to make sure we get pro life judges appointed on all levels. I made it possible for foster kids to get access to the hope scholarship because prior to that it was hard for them.

To see Bill Hembree’s interview, watch here.


ben bullockBen Bullock

Pro life all the way. Its a very personal issue to me. We had a miscarriage in our marriage and that was a soul that was lost. Someone aborting is killing an actual soul. It’s murder. The best thing we could do is strip away funding for the auxiliary funding. Ninety-percent of the cost is auxiliary — anesthesiologist, the room, the nursing care. If we cut the funding, we can cut the legs out from under those services.

We need to expand access to education and alternatives like birth control and adoption services. Women need a compassionate solution to prevent them from feeling like abortion is their only option. Adoption is a hard process there are alot of really good people looking to adopt making those facts known might change their minds. There is alot of red tape and regulation, it takes way too long and you don’t know what kind of care these children get in the interim. They need to be vetted quicker and get them into loving homes quickly.

To see Ben Bullock’s interview, watch here.

andy guntherAndy Gunther

I am certified Pro-Life by the Georgia Life Alliance. Life begins at conception. We don’t have the right to terminate that life just because we decide to, that violates God’s laws. It’s more than a talking point. I’ve walked the walk

Victoria, during her nineteenth week of pregnancy with our younger son, developed complications. A D&C was recommended (a procedure that is an abortion). We refused. From her twenty-first week on, she was in the hospital on bed rest. Three times, over the next couple weeks, the doctors came into her room to encourage an abortion. Her health was at risk and the baby would most likely not have any meaningful quality of life. Both of us stood firm that we would accept whatever God had in store for us, we would not do an abortion. At twenty-four weeks Jonathan was born by emergency C-Section. He weighed 2 pounds and 1 ounce. There were many challenges. But today he is an Army Combat Medic.The picture attached is my son two weeks after he was born.If anyone should ever challenge me on my stand on Pro-Life Issues, Victoria and I have lived that answer. I talk-the-talk but more importantly, I have walked-the-walk.

I pledge to fight against any federal abortion funding. I pledge to support efforts to weaken or eliminate “Roe VS Wade.”

To see Andy Gunther’s interview, watch here.

John Cowan

As a physician, I’m charged with protecting life. It’s easy for me to take a firm position against abortion -it represents a failed piece of society. It tells women that we don’t care about you and we just want to give you an easy out. When we have someone in that situation, they need to know their life isn’t over, it’s a real human being. It’s not good enough to say I’m against abortion, I’ll pray for you. You have to come along side of these mothers and say I know this was not the path you chose, but it’s not going to be the end of your life.

Reframe the discussion on how we can protect the life of the baby and the life of the mother. The issue is about loving one another, it’s about helping each other. It’s a complicated issue and you need people to reach hearts and minds of the other side.

To see John Cowan’s interview, watch here.



14 Congressional Race Van AusdalKevin Van Ausdal (Democrat)

Its not a form of birth control its a medical procedure. My solution is that we expand healthcare so everyone has access to it and contraception. By ensuring every american has access to health care, we can reduce the number of abortions. We need to expand sex education. That will reduce teen pregnancy I want to expand and improve our adoption process. Often they find adoption is a worse fate than abortion. We save lives by making the demand for abortions will go down while we preserve it as a medical procedure.

It’s not my business or the government business what a woman and her doctor decide.

To see Kevin Van Ausdal’s interview, watch here.

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