Commissioners Consider Donation of Antique Tractor

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Lumpkin, Ga.- The commissioners consider the donation/loan of an antique tractor from a local citizen for the beautification of the government building through a display at the work session on August 3.

The commissioners in addition were given options to consider for partnering with Georgia Power for the Yahoola Creek Park lighting project and as well as a request of the GMRC for assistance with trail development at Yahoola Creek Reservoir. Additionally, Yahoola Creek Pickleball gave a presentation to the commissioners at the meeting.

Mr. Jeff Underwood has proposed the donation or loan of four antique tractors in his possession for the lobby of the government building at 99 Courthouse Hill, Dahlonega, Ga. Underwood proposed that the donated tractors could be rotated out every six months to a year however the board saw fit.

He would maintain the insurance on the tractors so the county would not be held liable for any damage. Also, he is responsible for putting up some form of barrier to keep children off the machine. Underwood would place the tractor on a Saturday so as not to disturb any ongoing work. The proposal will be voted on in the regular meeting on August 17.

“I think it would be something neat to do for the county to have something kinda local to this area, like the old safe down there, stuff like that down there can be neat. Everybody in Lumpkin county comes through this building at least once a year,” stated Commissioner Rhett Stringer District 3.

Special Projects Director Ashley Peck brought to the board options for a partnership with Georgia Power for the lighting project at Yahoola Creek Park. Georiga Power made two offers to staff for the board to consider.

The first offer is a one-time upfront cost of $159,000.00 and then a monthly cost of $2,203.86. The second offer is no upfront cost and a monthly fee of $4,485.00.

Either option includes the monthly maintenance and power fees. The maintenance fee will not change but the power is subject to change with usage. These were summer estimates so it is not expected to become much higher through usage.

“There would be a difference because the monthly fee wouldn’t reduce once the 159 was paid so 20 years from now you’re paying double. If you’re paying four thousand a month from now on they will get their money back in six years but we will continue to give them more,” explained Chairman Chris Dockery.

Currently, staff has been working on improving the trail system around Yahoola Creek Reservoir. With the help of volunteers, they have been able to add two hundred new feet of the trail but they are requesting the assistance of the Georgia Mountain Regional Commission to hire a professional trail builder to assist with completing the work.

The work that still needs to be complete is the construction of new trails, the restoration of existing trails, and the development and rehabilitation of trailhead facilities.

If the commissioners choose to move forward with the request it would be next year before they could possibly get the reward by which time it is believed the volunteers will have 40% of the work completed. They currently have 20% completed just through the volunteers.

Lastly, Sally Trapnell presented a request to the board for six new pickleball courts. Trapnell informed the board of the financial benefits of adding the courts along with the cost information she found for the courts to be installed.

Two Yahoola Creek Pickleballers supporting Sally Trapnell

Trapnell has already made the same request of the City but at this time has no commitments to move forward from them. For more information on the presentation made to the City Council visit,

“Your timing is great because this is something the staff has already started looking at as far as the possibility of additional courts,” committed Dockery.

The new County Manager Alan Ours was in attendance for his first commissioner’s meeting with Lumpkin County. He replaces Stan Kelley in the role. Ours started this new position Monday, August 2. For more information about Ours visit 


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