Search for affordable housing locations continues in Blue Ridge

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BLUE RIDGE, Ga – The quest for affordable housing in Blue Ridge appears to be continuing with Beverly J. Searles Foundation.

President of the Foundation Phillip Searles confirmed that he’s committed to finding the best location for an affordable housing complex in Blue Ridge. Earlier this year, Blue Ridge City Council rejected a rezoning request for property along Mineral Springs Drive. The heated debate came down to a tie-breaker vote.

The planning group, KB Advisory Services has been hired by Searles to produce a revitalization plan for Blue Ridge. The effort would include talking with the public to see where they think an affordable housing complex would be appropriate.

Searles hopes the council will be on board with this approach to the issue. He added that he has already spoken with Councilmembers Rhonda Haight and Mike Panter on the issue.

Several residents in Blue Ridge see the value in adding affordable housing to the community, but many people are also against the idea.

According to Searles, affordable housing is considered around $600 for a one-bedroom and $900 for a three-bedroom. This pricing doesn’t include utilities. United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) could also help individuals meet those rental prices.

Right now, Northeast Georgia doesn’t have a lot of housing options for service industry employees.

This is a developing story and FYN will keep readers updated as information becomes available.

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