• Two killed in house explosion near Lake Nottely

    house explosion

    BLAIRSVILLE, Ga – A house explosion occurred this morning around 8 a.m. and killed two at a home on Pauline Lane. The exact cause is still under investigation. The Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner released the names of the deceased: Ralph Norris Wood, Jr., 78, and Peggy Wood, 77. They were home at the time […]

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  • The China Matter, A Coming Crisis in Fact, For a Decadent West

    Written by: George McClellan To know China’s history is to understand China’s motives. They do not intend to be the world’s victims anymore. President Trump got into China’s psyche with his bull in the China shop techniques of imposing tariff’s and trade limitations to return billions of dollars back into America’s coffers. Trump stayed there, […]

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  • Health department announces changes COVID-19 vaccination schedule changes

    health department vaccination event

    GAINESVILLE – Several District 2 Public Health Departments are adjusting their Covid-19 vaccination schedules. This will allow the county health departments to continue vaccinations and expand hours for other health department services. Changes to vaccination schedules – start date, location, and days for vaccination: Union County Will move to the health department, 67 Chase Dr., […]

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  • Short Takes – Proprietary Government?

    Written by: George McClellan We stand back in amazement as we watch the former American Democrat Party, morph into an anti-American organ of Marxist propaganda, rushing to change a free land of hope and opportunity into a squalid facsimile of failed socialist states everywhere. And we wonder why we’ve let them and what can be […]

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  • Kelvin King speaks to why he’s running for U.S. Senate

    kelvin King

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Businessman and self-starter Kelvin King took issue with those who called his candidacy for U.S. Senate a Republican strategy. “I’m not a strategy. I’ve been a Republican for a long time, and I saw an opportunity. I saw a need in our Party to win back this sear and I think I […]

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  • Lack of leadership: Vernon Jones attacks Governor Brian Kemp

    Vernon Jones

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Former State Representative and Trump ally Vernon Jones continued to flirt with the idea of running for Georgia Governor as a Republican. Jones switched the Republican Party in January after previously stating he had no plans to do so. However, his tweets “if I were governor” suggested he wants to primary current […]

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  • Letter to President Biden

    Written by: Cindy Glueckert Mr. Biden, When did you become KING! I’ve lived for 72 years in the greatest, most productive land of the FREE-a republic like no other-yet, you’ve signed more Executive Orders in your 3 months in office than any President in history. Do you not realize that we have a Congress, we […]

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  • Kelvin King announces campaign for U.S. Senate in Georgia

    Kelvin King

    Marietta, GA – Today, Kelvin King announced his campaign for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. King, a Georgia native, proud veteran, Republican activist, and successful business owner, had the following to say about his campaign. “Republicans in our state are at a crossroads. We’ve seen what’s at stake in our country. The Biden Administration is […]

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  • RNC Spokesperson Dennard addresses MLB’s decision

    Paris Dennard

    ELLIJAY, Ga – RNC National Spokesperson Paris Dennard called out Major League Baseball, Stacey Abrams, and President Joe Biden for their actions following Georgia’s passage of SB 202. MLB, according to Dennard, cares more about politics and should have taken the time to talk to Governor Brian Kemp, Speaker of the House David Ralston, and […]

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  • Short Takes: What’s with this kinder and gentler immigration business?


    Written by: George McClellen “Kinder and gentler: Republicans soften tone on migrant crisis” This headline is from the Washington Examiner, dated 02 April 21 and is a prime example why the National Republican Party seriously needs an enema before they do any more damage. The first paragraph starts: “With few exceptions Republicans haven’t softened their […]

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