Shouse makes ballot as independent candidate

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David Shouse, a local developer, turns in a book of signatures to Julianne Roberts at the Office of Elections in order to run for Chairman of the Board of Commissioners in November’s election.

For the first time in recent history, an independent candidate reached the required signatures needed to get on November’s ballot.

Local developer David Shouse turned in 103 pages, with the average page having 10 signatures names, to the Pickens County Board of Elections and Registration office at 11 a.m. today. Shouse said he left several more pages at his office and that his total is about 1,200 signatures.

Shouse, who said he is “absolutely” a Trump supporter, decided to run as an Independent rather than as a

Republican or Democratic candidate.

Shouse said  he felt like there was some conflict running Republican. Republican Kris Stancil defeated incumbent Rob Jones during the primary election and will be on November’s ballot along with Shouse’s.


shouse independent

Supporters turn out for David Shouse, who qualified for November’s election as an Independent.

“If you recall in Washington’s farewell address, he talks about the two-party system will eventually be so enamored in tic-for-tac that they forget the people they serve,” said Shouse. “My job is not to serve Republican or Democrat, it’s to serve the people of this county.”

“Thirty-eight percent of Americans identify themselves as independent and of those 68-percent lean Republican,” said Shouse.

The signatures have to be verified against voter registration roll to verify them, said Julianne Roberts, Supervisor of the Board of Elections and Registration. Poll workers will be tasked with that responsibility and she said Shouse would be notified via email next Friday.

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Pickens County to suspend credit card use, offers reimbursement

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Pickens County Government

Some employees express concern the county  is “going backwards.”

The Pickens County Board of Commissioners Rob Jones and Jerry Barnes, voted to cancel all  county credit cards immediately and move to a purchase order/reimbursement system. Commissioner Becky Denney was absent.

Pickens County

Faye Harvey, Finance Director for Pickens County, asked the board to approve a motion to cancel the county’s credit cards at a called meeting on Thursday. The board approved the motion despite concerns from several employees.

Faye Harvey, finance director, asked for the change at Thursday’s called meeting. The move would mean employees making purchases would use their personal debit or credit cards, then submit paperwork through their department to get reimbursed.

It was met with concern from several employees from the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department.

“So, if we have to pay for something like a new blue light, we’d have to wait weeks to be reimbursed?” asked Lt. Mitch Yeargin with the Sheriff’s Department. “It seems like we are going backwards.”

Harvey defended the change saying that the Pickens County Board of Education and school system does not have any credit cards and that the move would put the responsibility on employees.

credit cards

Photo by Robert Born of
Pickens County commissioners approved a measure that would cancel all county credit cards effective immediately and switch to a reimbursement plan. The action was met with concern and frustration from several employees with the Picken’s County Sheriff’s Department.

Lt. June Blackwell expressed concern saying the move came after an employee abused the privilege and was terminated.

“It’s ridiculous,” she said after the meeting.

Sgt. Jody Weaver also expressed concern saying that many county employees work for $13 per hour and can’t afford to wait on reimbursement which could take weeks. “They can’t afford to finance the county,” he said.

“If it takes weeks, you need to contact me,” Harvey assured them. “It shouldn’t take that long at all.”

She said the county would keep credit cards for Home Depot, gas cards and have accounts will local merchants which would cover most expenses.

“If it goes on the county credit card, the county is liable for that charge, even if it isn’t authorized,” she said as the reason for the change.

Board Chairman Rob Jones agreed. “If I were you, I’d cancel the cards after the meeting.”

Harvey said she would wait until Friday to cancel the cards and the county would honor the debts.

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Most of the board’s agenda dealt with minor business that accumulated during the shut-down. In other board news, the board:

Recognized employees Robert Olsen and Jackie Hendrix, both with the sheriff’s department for 10 years of service.

Recognized Becky Hammontree with 20 years service to the county.

Approved purchasing a used surplus bus from North Georgia Community Action for $5,500. The bus has a working wheelchair ramp and the purchase is contingent on inspection and good working order.



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