A Letter to Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell

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Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell

300 South Main Street, # 310

London, Kentucky 40741


Dear Mr. McConnell,

I’m a life long Republican. I’m a 71 year old retired school teacher who loved seeing you take over the Senate from Harry Reid, a corrupt “do nothing” Democrat! Your acceptance speech, your bold stand at the time, were a “breath of fresh air” after the corruption of the Obama Administration and the stall tactics of Harry Reid!  Finally, I thought the GOP would get the courage to challenge the power mongering of the Senate Democrats!

I haven’t always agreed with you. I did think that you would work with President Donald J. Trump, the best President in my lifetime, along with Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy! I’ve supported much of what you’ve done, even when many others did not! NOW, when Trump needs you the most, when an election was stolen by mail-in ballots and corruption throughout this country, when Trump increased the House and would have held on to the Senate if not for the corruption in GA,  many of you who he put into and kept in office, have abandoned him. When you welcomed demented SWAMP RAT, “do nothing for 47 years”, Joe Biden as the President-Elect, I wanted to “throw -up”! How dare you even acknowledge this election! You are now the leader of the spineless GOP Senate that wouldn’t even be a Senate Majority if not for Trump!  I’m so tired of your GOP Senate members bowing to Democrats who lie, threaten, deceive the American public, along with the media, but you stand by and let it happen.

It’s time now, sir. for you and the GOP Senate to step up, send this election back to the state legislatures before Joe Biden, who will never run this country (it will be his liberal cabal), and say NO to the Socialist agenda being presented already from the Democrat Party who has a lock on this administration!  Get some “balls” and give Trump another 4 years to save us from Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC, Bernie Sanders, George Sorros, and the like!

Joe Biden will NEVER be my President. He’s corrupt, his family is corrupt, the Democrats are corrupt and I will NOT accept Socialism. It’s time to fight-in the courts, in the Congress, NOT in the streets! We need leadership! Donald J. Trump has fought, mostly on his own, during his entire term to MAKE/KEEP this country great! Democrats have fought him on every front and Republican “weenies” allow it!

I can’t email any Senate member not in GA and right now they’re fighting for our country. Please share this with your Senate. WE, Americans, have to prevail to save this country. Do you have the guts to do so? Do you have the guts to say NO to China? We’ll see!

Loyal Trump supporter/patriot


Cindy Glueckert

Blue Ridge, GA 30513

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