Why is the News Observer trying to manipulate an election?

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Why is the News Observer trying to manipulate an election? Is Glenn Harbinson trying to help someone win? You don’t know me but you sure want to judge me. When I decided to run for Georgia House District 7 I knew the media would attack me. I was ready for it and I know why they don’t want the good people from the 7th district to have a real representative. 

I have tried to make this campaign about the issues. It is clear I won both forums and the other candidates have a lot to learn when it comes to the issues. So if you can’t win on the issues, use the fish wrap New Observer to attack me on something that happened nearly 30 years ago.

Yes something happened in Pennsylvania that is of public record. But the Georgia Secretary of States wants you to believe that I knowingly voted while serving a felony sentence. Never happened! I did vote every time they said, but never illegally. 

The News Observer and AJC fail to tell the entire story. Yes, for those who think a person charged with a felony can’t vote, wrong. First, in the state of Pennsylvania the only time you lose your voting rights is if you are incarcerated. Considering I have never spent a night in jail in my entire life…(can everyone say that) I never lost my voting rights in PA. Once your sentence has expired you can vote in the state of Georgia. Yes it’s true!

One question that no one asks, why has the Secretary of State office sat on this allegation for 7 years? Why did this suddenly come up for the Attorney General’s office on the Friday before qualifying for office on Monday. Why was this sent to the media before it was sent to me and my attorney?  The answer is simple: manipulate an election. 

You see I have a document which states that the case closed 5-14-1999 almost 24 years ago. 

clearly depicts 1999



While the SOS falsely claims the case was still active and didn’t close until 2010. According to my document I never knowingly voted while serving a felony sentence and the law clearly states “knowingly”. 













Not long ago the Attorney General’s office offered me what I considered extortion to sign a document showing no guilt and to pay a $4000 fine and they would close this case. I said absolutely not! Why would I pay them for something when I did nothing wrong?

$4000 offer to admit I did nothing wrong

Now they want to try to manipulate an election and try to make me look like public enemy number one. They want to take me to court in Fannin county and try to fine me upwards of $30,000. All because I did nothing wrong, did not accept their $4,000 extortion, and it was very convenient timing to disparage my name. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Georgia SOS looked for real voter fraud and the Attorney General spent your tax money prosecuting gang violence and drug cases.


You know the expression, it’s as clear as the nose on my face… Glenn Harbinson with the News Observer is trying to manipulate an election. But for who? Johnny Chastain or the woman who is trying to play the poor little widow woman Sheree Ralston.

Why is Sheree paying to run this ad knowing it’s not true

The one who is paying big money running ads, ads depicting “Did Pritchard vote illegally?”   Why would she run this ad knowing her late husband David Ralston knew my entire story. Don’t fall for her act.



Why isn’t fish wrap Glenn looking into why these candidates combined spending is over 150K.  Why spend $150,000 to try to get a job that pays 17.5k a year? Why isn’t fish wrap Glenn asking where their money is coming from? Where is Sheree Ralston getting her money, is it from the campaign slush fund from David Ralston? If so, is that legal? 

We have all heard the stories of Glenn’s backroom deals to manipulate Blue Ridge City Mayor and Council races, County Commission seats…. I don’t know this first hand but we have all heard the stories. Now what kind of deal has Glenn made to try to manipulate this election and for who? 

I’m not public enemy number one. I’m 58 years old. Married to my lovely wife Lisa. Father to two great kids Brian Keith and Vanessa who have blessed me with five grandkids. I do not use any drugs and haven’t even tasted alcohol since I was nineteen. I have never spent a night in jail and I think it has been over twenty years since I’ve had a speeding ticket. My wife was born and raised here and every once in a while I hear “I’m from here.”  I have been here for 21 years and we are small business owners. We own FetchYourNews.com and our number one focus for the last 12 years has been to highlight our young people in the district. Our sports department TeamFYNSports tagline is “highlighting and promoting young athletes in a positive way.” 

It’s time we have a representative that is focused on keeping Atlanta drugs and crime out of our North Georgia Mountains.  We need to stop drug cartels from operating in our district, protect parents rights and protect our children from this government’s “WOKE” agenda. 

Protect our kids & parental rights

We are tired of self-serving politicians. You know the ones that get elected and are only worth around 200k and come back worth millions. Serving the people should never be a million dollar open door to corruption. Look at all the candidates and ask yourself why they are running for this office and then take a look at me and know I am running for no other reason than to serve the people. 

Do not let Atlanta pick your Representative watch the forums Click here to watch the forums

Don’t let media like the News Observer and AJC lie and try to manipulate an election. Trust the only candidate in the race who reads the bills and knows the issues.


God Bless America, God Bless Georgia and God Bless the good people of the seventh district.


My name is Brian K. Pritchard and I ask for your vote on January 3rd. 


Judge will grant motion to unseal ballots in Georgia election fraud case

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unseal ballots

HENRY COUNTY, Ga – Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero will grant the plaintiffs access to ballots from the November 3, 2020 election in Fulton County with some limitations.

They will be able to inspect and scan the unsealed ballots but only according to protocols and practices set in place by the court.

Judge Amaro agreed that the plaintiffs should have access to 600 dpi (dots per inch) images. He was against a third party handling the ballots.

“The question that I have really is whether instructing the county to do that, requiring the petitioners to pay is sufficient,” Amero remarked.

All parties involved were told to meet where the ballots are being stored in Fulton County next Friday, May 28. Amaro specifically stated he only wanted council in attendance with a potential exception for forensic experts. From there, they will continue to iron out protocols and procedures for ballot inspection.

“I’m wondering also whether or not it’s possible to produce the envelopes in a way that does 100 percent eliminate any identifying information,” Amero asked.

Henry County Superior Courtroom Judge Brian Amero presiding

The attorney general counsel representing the Secretary of State’s office explained the envelopes are signed which is considered identifying information. The signature and time and date stamp are on the back of the envelope. Plaintiffs have asked for the time and date information.

Secretary of State requested a “truly independent” audit rather than conducted by the petitioners who may have “preconceived biases.”

“I have no inclination at all to release these ballots to anyone other than the clerk and the council,” Amero told the Secretary of State’s attorney, “Whether they have the right to conduct these independent viewings, maybe not a physical inspection, but an inspection none the less, a visual inspection, combined with an opportunity to have ballot images at a resolution that allows them to peruse their claims that seems to be something that they have the authority and the right to do.”

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said the following about election integrity and ballot audits following today’s ruling:

“From day one I have encouraged Georgians with concerns about the election in their counties to pursue those claims through legal avenues. Fulton County has a long standing history of election mismanagement that has understandably weakened voters’ faith in its system. Allowing this audit provides another layer of transparency and citizen engagement.”

According to the plaintiffs’ legal counsel, a special scanner would need to be brought in to achieve 600 dpi images of the ballots. The judge will take that into consideration along with the time and labor necessary to complete the task.

Garland Favorito, a voting rights advocate, is one of the plaintiffs in the case, and his group VoterGa has partnered with Jovan Pulitzer for forensic inspection.

“Jovan is the only expert we have found who clearly understands all details of what is needed in a forensic ballot inspection. His unique, patented technology is unmatched in the country. He has assembled a remarkable team of forensic experts who can be on site to assist VoterGA inspection team members. His technology team and our Georgia election expertise represent the perfect combination of teammates who can find the truth about Georgia ballot integrity no matter what that truth may be.”

All election contest suits have been dismissed. This particular case pertains to a violation of individual rights pertaining to the state constitution.

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