Will You Return it – Please?


Opinion by George McClellan:

Everybody has an idea about the things they think Donald Trump should do on day one. My preference would be a simple task, call the British PM and ask her if the British people would consent to returning the bust of Sir Winston Churchill so callously discarded by Obama eight long insufferable years ago. At least he gave it to the British Ambassador and didn’t publicly smash it to bits with a hammer.

That act alone would set a positive tone for those American’s who reluctantly voted for Trump on the off chance he may be right and did indeed have serious, positive changes in mind to restoring America’s republican government. And, it would also infuriate the far-left, with a reminder of what America was and from where our Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence really originated. It didn’t originate in Mecca.

The left-wing hysteria now visible on the streets of urban America, reflects the true inner core of the Progressive machine, filled with whiners and ‘snowflakes’ incapable of handling rejection.
Expressions of violent angst lies in the angry street demonstrators trashing other peoples property. Those with a more violent bent are satisfied with simply beating up old white people with Trump stickers, trashing their vehicles and stealing from stores.

Manifest in all this is the glaring fact that the Democrat party and its far, left-wing philosophy, is obviously bereft of any depth of leadership. It lacks people with any imagination or cognitive thinking skills. The Party’s current leadership has disgraced itself by actively supporting the worse possible candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, against all other contenders.

Who’s left to lead the party? Donna Brazile? Nope, she was already attacked in a post election DNC meeting and accused of personally being responsible for the Democrats defeat. Poor Howard Dean, do you remember him? He was once a governor and DNC Chairman, and a candidate for president. He was like a loose cannonball rolling around on their ships deck, but he still makes news and he has stepped forward, once again, to offer to run the DNC. Pitiful!

Clearly, their are no candidates for DNC leadership emerging from the swamp of Progressivism. NY Senator, Chuckie Schumer won’t do it. He‘ll be the new Senate (Dem.) minority leader trying to rally his shocked troops to sabotage Trumps judicial appointments. A news report suggests Senator Keith Ellison, an American of African decent, and a muslim, is being promoted for the post. That would definitely ensure their many years in purgatory by telling Americans that
Islamophobia is still a crime not a self-defense mechanism.

I suspect Schumer is probably in shock himself and planning on going into therapy. Nancy Pelosi, will never see the House Speakers position again let alone the DNC Chairmanship. Look for them to give up and follow the odious Harry Reid into retirement. For a long while, the DNC will be absent any effective leadership and that will remain so long as they continue to embrace Socialism and all the other odious ideas the Democrat party have forced us to accept.

Like him or not, Donald Trump is the President-elect and the reverberations of the peoples will, will cause tremors, the sea’s to recede, and either a vast umbrella of gloom or the bright rays of sunshine to fall upon the land. Many things have been revealed by this election that will need to be addressed. The deplorable state of the products of our systems of education primary among them. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s help Trump make America Great again and, return the bust of Winston, please! Now, go get ‘em! (12 Nov. 2016)

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