What Way is Progress?


Opinion by George McClellan:

Obama promised Americans “Hope and Change.” He also promised to fundamentally change America. He did not promise to do it in the best interests of Americans. We have since learned that “Hope” is not a policy and “Change” is unaffordable. We should have learned this lesson in Obama’s first four years in office. For Obama, progress is backwards like is his reckless “leading from behind” foreign policy schemes!

Hillary, The Awful, represents neither “Hope” or “Change.” except she hopes, this time, that she actually gets to become president. Clearly, her mission, besides enjoying the novelty of being the first female president, is to complete the looting of the US treasury, the Saudi Arabian treasury, Russia’s treasury if she can open it, and anybody else who has a couple of coins to rub together. She is the female version of a Rumplestiltskin as she clutches her gold coins, and the Clinton Foundation is her counting house. Of course, if she does become president, a steady stream of young female flesh will be made available for the First Husband if only to keep him occupied and out of her way. Progress, for her means to remain stationary until the smoke clears, then get out of Dodge. By then, it will be all over for America anyway.

Obama’s “change”, what is it? We know the unemployed labor force is disastrously high and that unskilled, low cost workers are being imported to fill labor type jobs that Americans once held. That’s change, certainly. Also, Americas skilled technical work force is being replaced by skilled foreign technocrats under a corrupted visa waiver program. That’s change too! Who is it good for? Not Americans, that’s for sure.

Jeb Bush used an interesting word in the debates. He said there has to be a “Consensus”, presumably meaning agreement(s) between…political parties? Political parties and the voters? Opposing candidates of political parties? Big money donors and political candidates? Big money donors and voters? Consensus with whom, I ask? There are barriers here too deep to ford, too high climb and too broad to go around. It’s the difference between a Constitutional America that was once the envy of the world and the squalid socialism Obama and Clinton want that we saw in Mother Russia, Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. Apparently we have not learned our lessons.

What consensus can be obtained when there is a divergent viewpoint on where the United States should be headed? Trump and Cruz supporters look far beyond the contest between Conservative and Socialist forms of government. What they see, what we see, is a festering isolation between our elected politicians and the American people. The voters correctly believe that a sufficient number of politicians have been bought and paid for by financial interests so great and so formidable that no change can ever come from within.

How else does one explain the populist Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders phenomena? The insiders hate and fearTed Cruz. They only fear the Donald and only laugh at the aging Sanders, the man behind the curtain in the wonderful city of Oz. I jest, but Sanders may just knock the criminal Hillary Clinton off her pedestal and right into prison. That’s a consensus!

Obama for Supreme Court Justice? It’s happened once before with Taft. What hasn’t happened before is Obama, or any President, to be nominated to prison for treason. That could happen under a Cruz or Trump presidency. As Hillary said herself, “Nobody is too big not to go to jail.” Prophetic words indeed. And, that certainly defines “hope and change,” doesn’t it?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s go get ‘em! (31 Jan 2015)


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