What About Hillary?


Opinion by George McClellan:

Like a cloths hamper full of old gym socks, the disgusting, smelly aura of Hillary’s campaign still lingers in the air. Obama has been swept away and while he still has a few day’s remaining of his pointless final term, he still has his phone and pen. But what about Hillary?

The Clinton crime family hopefully, is on the cusp of collapse. The Marxist corrupted Democrat party is beginning its leaderless trek wandering through the Sinai while America’s ship of state, hopefully, is beginning to right itself. But what about Hillary?

There is still that niggling little thought that wakes us up at night and asks, is justice being served? Has Hillary really avoided facing justice for her alleged crimes? Is it true that her criminality in her reckless pursuit of absolute political power, will be ignored? Will she have her day in court or will she, as usual, find respite from the pardon pen of a failed President?

Circumventing or ignoring the rule of law is a serious threat to civil order. Satisfaction does not come from the court of public opinion. Hillary’s crimes must be adjudicated in a court of law so that Americans, who have finally cast off the burden of a corrupt government, can finally have confidence restored in their new governments impartiality. Hillary is no longer a government employee, either politically as an elected official, or from the GS pool. She is now a private citizen and like the rest of us, not immune to punishment for brazenly violating the rule of law.

She must not be treated any differently than any other person, Gen. Petraeus for example, who mishandled classified government documents. Hillary’s mishandling of state secrets severely imperiled America standing in the world of diplomacy. Her perjury before Congress is breathtaking. Without a public trial, a thick cloud of doubt could imperil Trumps government.

Evidence of the seriousness of Hillary’s criminality, revealed to the public in Congressional hearings, has clearly shown her to have brazenly defied US laws and avoided penalties to its equal application that everyone else faces, a founding principle of our Constitution. Hillary is no longer a special person and except for being wife of a former president she, unlike Lucretia Borgia, is afforded no special protections against charges of endangering the nation or, perjuring herself.

The many syncopate operatives within the Democrat machine, the other socks in the hamper so to speak, that abetted her criminality, must also face the trial court for adjudication or Americans will never be satisfied. This extends especially to the appointees of Obama’s administration who have been ensconced in the Dept. of Justice, the IRS, the EPA and other organs of government control.  The government, nor its employees are omnipotent from federal law. Government employees are subject to prosecution for crimes committed under their jurisdiction, as the EPA is finding out following the Animas River NM, pollution fiasco a couple years ago.

All of Hillary’s actions and governments reaction to it lies in the lap of Obama and the Democrat Party. Trump is free or criticism and will remain so unless he complicates justice by meddling in it its true course. A pardoned Hillary Clinton, freed without adjudication by a court of law, will hang over the pardoner and his party like a thick London fog. It can bode no good for the pardoner. Trump must let the wheels of justice function without interference.  America’s body politic must be cleansed of its heresies, its corruption and its corrupt. Justice must be served.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (07 Dec 2016)

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