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Opinion written by Robert Quinn:
In my previous letter (session 7) I pointed out some of the reasons why Barack Obama was never eligible to seek the office of President of the United States of America. Consider:he was a former Constitutional teacher yet he deliberately used a “Certification of Live Birth” document which was not only ineligible for one seeking the Presidency, but, in Obama’s case, was also fraudulent, to support his criminal claims. What would have been acceptable was a long-form”Certificate of Live Birth”; also, not one Hawaiian hospital, including the one Obama had claimed to have been his birth Hospital has ever claimed such a prestigious title….not even one!
Even the then Hawaiian Governor, who went to the Dept.of Health seeking confirmation of Obama’s eligibility came away empty-handed. Let the above sink in.

As more and more people began to challenge Obama’s “natural-born American” status his defenders began referring to them as “racially driven”,scaring them into quietly easing up on Obama. The Mainstream Media, in particular, backed off.(“disappeared” more accurately). For example, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News at first claimed to have seen a legitimate Obama birth certificate but then had to admit what he saw was actually a copy of a “Certification of Live Birth”, the limited document mentioned above. To make matters worse, Obama’s document was declared a fraudulent copy by the few viewing experts.Ironically, if Bill O’Reilly, who ends each nightly show with ”WE’RE LOOKING OUT FOR YOU” had only asked Obama why he was deliberately using a fraudulent and ineligible document to obtain the Presidency, I, and many others would not be writing letters,etc.,on this issue and Obama’s wearing apparel would now consist mainly of striped clothing. My suggestion to Bill is to reflect on an old adage(paraphrased):”There is a great divide between late and too late. Don’t quit Bill….you still have time.

One week ago,Hillary Clinton, on TV, ridiculed Donald Trump for inferring that Obama (formerly known as Barry Soetoro, Barry Hussein Soebarkah, and a few other names, and, informally as Barack Obama, the man who used a security number which belonged to a man born in 1890, who had passed away before Obama started assuming his identity) might not be a legitimite president of the United States of America. In so doing, Clinton either displayed an ignorance of the eligibility issue and its ramifications, including Obama’s deception, or she chose to ignore his criminal conduct and simply accept it, or she agreed with Obama’s actions.
Will she later claim a memory loss caused her confusion as she’s now saying regarding other issues? Incidentally, I was prepared to vote for Herman Cain in 2,000 until he withdrew from the running, and for Ben Carson until he dropped out of the recent election.By the way,I am not color-blind.

When a Long Island,New York reporter asked Obama why he doesn’t simply produce his birth certificate and allow experts to examine it in detail since he had permanently removed it from public observation, the reporter was not proposing an Atomic Bomb-like in depth analyis. Show and Tell would have been a simple solutionl Obama’s response was “Do I have to wear my birth certificate on my forehead?” Notice that the reporter’s question was not answered. Diversion is another tactic Obama utilizes to avoid direct, truthful responses which would incriminate him. I also wonder how Mrs Clinton will respond if Mr.Trump brings the eligibility issue up at their upcoming debates.
to be continued

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