There’s a Revolution Coming (if it hasn’t already started)


Opinion By George McClellan:

The media is trying to shape the news for us now that Donald Trump is the prospective GOP candidate. It’s probably time to completely turn off the TV news programs, including Fox News, and rest your minds for awhile secure in the knowledge that your are missing the left wings massive propaganda campaign against America’s middle class and its candidate.

Both Bush presidents, plus Jeb Bush, Michael Reagan and Mitt Romney have declared they will absent themselves from the GOP Convention in Cleveland. Probably a good idea because I have a feeling they are not welcomed anyway, at least by the GOP’s base voters. They’re old, out of date and out of ideas. Even the hopefully soon to be “Cantored” Paul Ryan, has agreed to step down as convention chairman if Trump should ask him. Is this an idle threat, an idle promise, or another example of GOP capitulation in the face of a stronger force?

It has been fun watching the entitled (they think) GOP political class disintegrate into hysteria and retreat in confusion all the while shouting threats and predictions that the GOP will disintegrate if Trump becomes the party’s disastrous candidate. Most of us don’t believe that any more and most of us don’t really care any more. There’s a revolution coming.

Talk of a third party is Nonsense. Trump has managed to redefine the word “Conservative”. It is not how the GOP defines it and that is the schism between the voters and the party. The GOP is not conservative. It is big business and big government and for those clearly apparent reasons, base voters are rejecting the GOP’s conservative values to be replaced, hopefully, by real constitutional conservatism. It won’t come under Trump, but it will come.

The voters have recognized that Government is out of control militarily, socially, economically and morally. It does not create jobs but destroys them. It does not create wealth, but absorbs it, each year spending more that the year before. Government does not honor or respect the small businessman but strives to crush his business and the jobs he creates.

Government has saddled Americans with countless uncontrolled bureaucracies, unlimited in the scope of their assumed powers to bring top down government control over every aspect of our lives. Our courts have turned from considering the law to making it. Our colleges and universities have already morphed into perfect examples of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” where every one is equal but “pigs” are more equal. There’s a revolution coming.

Americas history, developed from European western cultures, especially religion, is being trashed and rewritten to remove our European caucasian influences and replace it with the multicultural crowd of incompetents, Islamists and third worlders who couldn’t make it on their own even under the protections of our forgiving constitution. There’s a revolution coming.

It has at last occurred to the voters that it no longer makes any difference which party controls our government as they are both corrupt. The supposedly conservative GOP with its abandoned conservative principles, is losing its right to speak for the American base. This election proves it.

The Party has arrogantly missed the clues of the 2010, 2012 and 2014 elections that should have pointed the way back to America’s greatness and could have saved them but, alas, I fear it may be too late. The entitled holders of govt. jobs are fleeing, as are the voters. There’s a revolution coming and it’s already underway, so get ready!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (9 May 2016)

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