The Debate and the Unseen Story


Opinion by George McClellan:

We’ve seen the video of Hillary collapsing and being tossed into her Secret Service car, the big black SS bodyguard at hand with a syringe, ready to puncture her with a dose of whatever. We’ve heard stories of her cracked head and how that came about; marveled at the fast recovery from her little bout with pneumonia at her daughter Chelsea’s Apartment at 21 East 26th Street, Apt. 4, in New York’s FlatIron District, and we’ve marveled at the restorative, life giving properties of a swig of water from a plastic bottle allaying the serious possible affects of heat prostration due to a lack of proper hydration. Oh, woe!

Do you know what else is at 21 East 26th Street, 4th floor? It is Metrocare Home Services, Inc. Each floor of that building is occupied by a single apartment, except Chelsea’s. Metrocare Home Services is the secret lair of Hillary’s personal physician and pharmacist and she is it’s only patient. By this subterfuge, all health problems of Hillary Clinton simply disappear.

At Monday’s night first debate with Donald Trump however, Hillary looked healthy. She stood ramrod straight but never moved one inch from her spot at her special lectern during the entire ninety plus minute assault on the publics senses and never even hinted at a cough.

What did we miss there? Rules were made in advance, agreed upon and apparently enacted without dispute from either side. Trump suspected his microphone went a little “dickie” yet, I could’ve sworn that Hillary was supported upright by her broom stick stuffed up… behind her back and secured under her red pants suit with duct tape.

Hillary’s commentaries, made in response to Lester Holt’s soft questions, were predictably socialistic, lacking in substantive detail, all promising a utopia funded off the backs of wealth earners who haven’t yet, after all theses many years, paid their “fair share.” America can’t remotely even afford Hillary’s brand of government. Besides, the Constitution does not provide for first and second class citizens.

She said the rich make all this money and it should be shared with the people. Well, it is. The people who invest their own money in companies as stock market investors. They do so in hopes the company earnings will return a profit on their investments, not simply scatter the money to the wind, so the “people” can scramble about and grasp their “fair share.” That’s a totally communist philosophy. It doesn’t work and never has. It is the precursor to poverty, the hand maiden to crime and the yellow brick road to enslavement.

Hillary’s plans cannot withstand the scrutiny of public discourse, without special favors lest she quickly wither like the wicked witch in the Oz story. The Democrat party is overanxious for vote fraud because they know that when exposed to the pure light of truth their philosophies disintegrate into puddles of ‘Green’ mire. So, democrats become intolerant of legitimate citizens. They demand reversal of voter ID laws so as to allow the dead, as well as the illegals, to vote Democrat on the vain promise of free goodies for everyone.

Any jurist who fails to recognize that a voter photo ID Card is essential to electoral fairness, and strikes down voter ID laws, should immediately be removed from the bench. Photo ID’s are required for thousands of other daily functions, but not for voting. That’s a stacked deck against liberty and a vote for slavery. Where is the iron resolution once possessed by Americans, especially the first generation of Americas immigrants? We are in sore need of backbone. Remember freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em. (27 Sept 2016)

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