Short Takes – Forget Bipartisanship, When Mobs Will Do!


So, who decides who runs the country? Supposedly voters do by the election process but, no matter how smart they think they are, socialist leaning politicians who lose elections, cannot accept that they are no longer in power especially when a weird character, one right out of a Marvel comic book, beats ‘em at their game.


In order to raise any nations level of progress beyond the average individual citizens capabilities a firm belief in self-determination, etc. is required. Ideas and genius springs from the individual mind, unless that mind has been clouded by thought control enforced by the fear of political correctness or any of the other shibboleth’s that fails the Left’s test for feel-good purity. That’s exactly where the Democrats want us. So how can we work with them? Well, we really cannot.


Mobs are the tools of the Democrats. They do not contribute to the fiber of a states progress, indeed they act specifically as a detriment to it. Mobs are moved not by common sense or a knowledge of the law, or by what’s best for America, but by their ‘feelings, mostly hostile ones that in their execution appear mindless and destructive.


The alert observer knows when they are witnessing the onset of anarchy because the mobs are intent on destruction by consuming or breaking everything it hates as we saw at UC Berkeley and on the streets of Baltimore. The mob never builds for good, it only creates chaos.


Humans are not always nice people. They mostly behave well out of fear of punishment whether being labeled politically incorrect and hateful, or by being caught infringing some little law or infraction specifically designed to control our behavior. San Francisco and Seattle, exhibits sufficient evidence of destitute social policies that support my point. But worse, we apparently are permitting them to get away with it.


To the small mass who make up the mobs on the streets, thinking is unimportant. It only requires a charismatic leader and a raging desire to destroy common property to enforce by fear, what the mob leaders demand. The emotion it generates adds fuel to the fire. Emotion is stroked by its success and the failure of decent society to confront it with stronger measures. The mob functions in its own emotional world. The demagogue feeds the mob on emotions: their leadership is the leadership of emotion, not of intellect, common sense or social progress. Their real need is simply to oppose and destroy.


For some time, Americans have been pushed to the edge of an abyss. Do we or can we return to a safe, protective America or will we, in the end, return to the tribal societies once used by indigenous peoples. We are constantly reminded of Ben Franklins words when asked: “what kind of government have you given us?” His answer: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” And that’s where we are today brought to this unhappy situation by the Democrat party, and specifically, of late, by the dividing policies of Barak Hussein Obama, a keen acolyte of Marxism.


But, did he bring us to the edge of a real civil war? Yes, but we’ve been in war for thirty or more years and our side didn’t know it. We’ve been fed Leftist propaganda till it’s flowing out our ears and yet we see no social improvements, only chaos and divisions. Political correctness and the aura of “racism” and “hate crimes” have driven normal Americans into the dark recesses of their personal safety where they sit quietly, but armed, waiting for anarchy to descend full force.


We’re supposed to love our black brothers but they don’t love us. Obama saw to that! Protect yourself and you’ll stand accused of ‘racism’ or committing hate crimes. Complain and its off to diversity training (brainwashing) for you. If you come out alive, you’ll be just another one of their zombies for the mob.


When we hate each other, but accept election results, we demonstrate how a constitutional Republic should work. When we stop accepting election results though, like the Democrats have done, then inescapably we have started the countdown to civil war. Today, there’s no shooting unless the attempt to kill Republicans at a baseball practice counts.


The Democrats have rejected our system of government and until Trump, were determined to replace it with some form of fascism. To see fascism in action, we need look no further than our neighbors to the south, Cuba and Venezuela. To see it in its formative state, we need look no further than California, Illinois, Maryland, Seattle, San Francisco and, even Connecticut, where their true fascist intent in hidden in the cloak of do-good emotionalism. It’s not a pretty picture.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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