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Where We’re Going

It now stands without question, after James Clappers admission under the withering tongue blathering he received from that pillar of elite intellectual liberalism, Joy Behar on the “View,” that he, James Clapper and John Brennen, heads of their respective spy agencies, conspired with the FBI’s Comey, to spy on the Donald Trump campaign (Watergate x ten). The genesis for this seditious activity is simply that the criminal Hillary Clinton, lost the prize to Donald Trump. That loss left the doors open and the chickens are fleeing the roost.

Democrats truly believe that Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to (their) America and “resistance” to him is absolutely necessary. It’s “all hands to the oars,” that sort of thing. It’s amazing to see how fast their cunningly crafted house of cards is collapsing under Trump’s refusal to be bullied like any normal Republican would. They’ve become deranged at Trump’s success, befuddled by their failures to bring him down and distraught they cannot counter his successes. They are bereft of any arguments, plans or policies that would benefit America. That is why they cling to their foolish notions of a Trump-Russian collusion. But, it’s OK they did it!

Now their ‘resistance’ has passed far beyond simple dissent, it’s sedition; It’s not disagreement, it’s total hatred. We can hate the Democrats. We can suspect it’s they who are the worst thing happening to America, but we can’t work with them because they don’t play by the rules. They created their own rules that voters have rejected and, when they consistently reject the results of elections they don’t win, then all that’s left is the potential for anarchy.

Democrats have ruled for so long that they see themselves as the only legitimate power in the country. Whenever Republicans exercise power, as Trump is doing, it’s illegitimate and he faces the consequences of Impeachment. When Obama did the same things, he was praised for his brilliant leadership. The double standards there are choking, but Democrats, supported by their propaganda machine, the mainstream media, are never affected. Forget it, let’s move on.

What prompted this essay is the clumsiness of James Clapper to keep his stories straight, and the near violent reactions of John Brennan to the demands for the release of documents from the FBI and DoJ to the Congress that demands them. Brennan is near apoplectic in his reactions. Clapper and Brennan, as heads of their respective spy agencies, according to Clapper on the “View,” did spy on the Trump campaign. That’s one chicken out of the roost. There is no possible excuse or subterfuge that can obscure their treasonous act(s).

Their problem was, they failed to use the professionals in their agencies to do the dirty work relying instead on a host of foreigners, democrat office workers, in house savants of the FBI and the compliant media to protect their backs, by clouding the issues and promote their lies. Federal bureau heads seem to screw up simple operations, making mistakes the professionals under them would never make. To coin an old phrase, C,C. & B. “let the cat out of the bag.”

Republicans now hold the reins of complete power, and don’t know what to do. But, what do the Democrats do? They set about, right or wrong, obstructing Trumps initiatives trying to save Obama’s agenda through the federal courts and what’s left of their bureaucratic deep state. When a federal judge issues an order telling the President of the United States he cannot perform this or that function, then that’s like the first guns fired at Ft. Sumpter. Has it started? Yes it has, but a long time ago. It could get very messy now. We must be prepared.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (30May18)

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