Our Sorry State


Opinion by George McClellan:

Politicians who use ‘government speak’ so as not to offend, or more likely to obfuscate, are despicable and must be turned out of office and be made to dwell among us sheep they’ve been trying to herd into the socialist fold for so many years. A politician is not a royal personage.

Terrorism is political. Bombings in New Jersey and New York, multiple stabbings in Minnesota, assassination attempts on police officers everywhere, and politician’s telling us they haven’t connected a motive to Islamic terrorist acts, are all exercises in the political nonsense designed to keep us in fear. When we’re fearful we are controllable.

Today, the fires of chaos are being stoked by America’s new royalty, the corrupted political Oligarchs, who believe that it is only by fulfilling their “political duties” (staying in office) that America can progress. Hillary Clinton sees herself as the Queen Royal of the Oligarchs and all seem to line up behind her, steadfast against the evil Donald Trump, including the top GOP contenders who promised to support the GOP’s candidate. A pox on Cruz and and Kasich for their fecklessness. They are exposed as oligarchs who believe in the superiority of their wisdom over the choice of the people.

There’s a pattern here. In a country that once prided itself on individualism, justice and unlimited opportunity, we can’t understand why, when we realize that none of these things actually exist, except for the political Royals, that nothing ever gets done. The Clinton’s in their palaces in Manhattan and Chappaqua, have prospered by shamelessly looting our treasury. It has happened before and the results are always the same, chaos, poverty and crime.

We’re swamped with happy talk (BS) and don’t recognize the practiced hand of the old Soviet KGB involved with our demise. The Soviet Union is gone but not the odious apparatus that protected it. It was up to Soviet politicians to keep their country going. It was the KGB’s job to keep it safe. The USSR’s destruction came from outside by monetary pressures exerted by Reagan & Thatcher, not from the people within Russia. It was lack of finances caused by a decrepit economy, not politics, that caused the Soviet Empire to expire.

It is that old Soviet apparatus of the reformed KGB, now the FSB, that is pursuing Putin’s hidden ambitions. They are winning. What is basically unknown is that years ago, the KGB infiltrated the moribund governments of Islamic countries, sought out and recognized potential leaders, took them to Moscow for training and sent them back into their own societies to start the reorganization of Islamic governments into a true reflection of the Soviet brand of fascism.
Many are now in our government, too!

Hitler’s fascism appealed to the Arabs. The Russians saw that and took advantage of it with the defeat of Nazi Germany. The Soviets appealed to the Arab’s experience, not their dreams. Islam is a fascistic form of control, wrapped in a religion and pushed by Jihad. That’s why we are where we are today. We tried to introduce a totally foreign concept of democracy to Arabs, and it was rejected. Those KGB trained Islamic leaders are now their governments leaders and our politicians don’t know it. Actually, they probably do, they just don’t know what to do about it.

Now, decades later, these Islamic leaders could be identified and their associations with the old USSR revealed, but they are not! We continue, blindly on, reacting to every store front explosion, bomb on a commuter train or stabbing in a mall, as a singular new event to be considered as a one-off, non-Islamic terroristic event and, continue to live in ignorance and fear. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (19 Sept 2016)

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