To Those Who Feel Helpless


Opinion written by Conrad Quagliaroli:

I’d like to address this letter to everyone who feels helpless in the face of President Obama’s politicization and corruption of every agency of the Federal Government.  From the Justice Department whose director lied to Congress and sued the State of Arizona for trying to enforce their border against illegal immigrants, to the IRS whose director also lied to Congress and harassed citizens for disagreeing with their government, to our
military being emasculated with social experiments and cut to the bone.  While it’s once proud generals, sit by and parrot the “company line” by doctoring intelligence on the enemy to make Obama look good.

And to those who feel helpless in the face of their country slipping away before their eyes.  Where thugs are encouraged to attack police.  Where bibles are banned in schools, yet the Quran is studied.  Where religion is mocked and people of faith are called bigots for reciting passages in the bible they believe.  Where others lose their jobs or businesses because of their faith. Where thugs are paid to pick fights and hurt the supporters of their political rival.  Where up is down, down is up, right is wrong and wrong is right. Where the rich is pitted against the poor, Whites are pitted against Blacks.   And where political correctness and intimidation does not allow people to speak their mind.

And lastly to those who felt helpless, when our once proud FBI (whose agents were once called untouchable)  laid out a convincing case why Hillary Clinton should go to trial for destroying email evidence, lying to Congress and totally disregarding the safety of America and it’s undercover agents, by using a private email for classified material.  Then recommended that no charges be brought in the face of all that evidence.

I’m here to tell you, you are not helpless.  You can do something about all of the above, you can do two things…vote for Trump and contact those on your Christmas Card list and ask them to vote for Trump.  Why would a former Scott Walker supporter like myself,  whose last choice was Trump, suggest voting for him?  Three reasons; (1) While he can be a jerk, he will actually do something and dramatically change Washington. (2) The Democrats and their allies in the media will not let Trump get away with anything against the Constitution as president and (3) The country will survive a Trump presidency, it will not survive Hillary presidency.   She will cement Obama’s policies in place, legalize every illegal immigrant for their vote, pack the Supreme court and change the country forever.   There will be no going back!

If you are sick to your stomach about what’s happening to your country, vote Trump, as it will only get worse under Hillary.

Conrad Quagliaroli
Cherokee Tea Party


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