Letter to the Editor…


By Pat Thibodeaux

Are we being represented by those we elected? Well, would you have voted in this economy for the largest tax increase in Georgia history? Would you go on vacation while babies were being slaughtered and their little parts sold? Would you allow illegal aliens to have Driver’s Licenses which are virtually indistinguishable from those of American Citizens? Would you forget how you voted? Would you vote to allow GMO food to be sold without being so labeled? Would you have voted for John Boehner? Would you?

Sadly, too many of our elected representatives have. And we let them get away with it, unchallenged. They brazenly defy our wishes, and then boldly declare that they are conservatives who are certainly “better than the alternative”. And they get re-elected, often unchallenged. Politicians who have no fear at the ballot box have no reason to listen to us. That is the truth. They have no reason to listen to us. The only thing we have to offer is our vote, and we’ve shown them it’s easy for them to get that. Now the MONEY, that’s what talks. We don’t have that. The Chamber of Commerce and corporate lobbyists have that to offer.

If you have challenged a representative’s bad vote, you have more than likely heard an excuse. We don’t understand how hard it is, they tried, they really did. They wanted to, but just couldn’t get any support. The President/Governor would veto it. Things just move so fast. And on and on. Ask yourself, when the Chamber of Commerce or large corporate contributor calls them, do you think they get the same routine?

Thomas Jefferson said, “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” It is high time that we elected representatives who are ever mindful of whom they represent – the People, not the Chamber of Commerce crony capitalists.
The way to effect that change will be at the ballot box. We must accept no more excuses. We must seek out candidates who we believe will represent us. We must watch them, and be prepared to replace them if they cease to represent us. We must once again become a fully engaged electorate. No time like the present to begin.


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