It’s Our Guns They Want


Opinion by John Tutten:

The Islamic “true believers” are winning the battle against western civilization. The responses of our federal government and media to Islamic violence clearly confirm this.

I call terrorists like the perpetrator of last weekend’s massacre in Orlando “true believers” because they are acting out just what Muhammad demands of Muslims in the Qur’an, Islam’s most holy text. Muslims are admonished to make war against the non-Islamic world until it is brought under Islamic control and Sharia law. They are to never stop making war until this is accomplished.

We hear our government authorities and media luminaries continue to refer to Islam as a religion of peace though. It is neither a religion nor is it peaceful. Islam is an ideology of expansion and conquest. It is a totalitarian form of government wrapped around a theology that simply cannot coexist with any other form of society.

When Islamists see our leaders ascribe the motivation of the Orlando shooter to homophobia, Christianity, or the availability of semi-automatic firearms and defer blame from Islamic theology, they see America as capitulating to the will of Allah and they are told by the Qur’an to redouble their efforts to subdue the infidels.

All of this information is readily available through either the testimony of former Islamists or a direct reading of the Qur’an and the Hadith. Islam’s true nature can be easily discerned by anyone willing to spend a little time to understand it. So why does our government and media elite continue to peddle the “religion of peace” ruse?

There is a very concerning reason. Islam does not always resort to violence to advance its expansion. When Islamists cannot win battles by force, they will infiltrate and compromise their enemies until they can be taken by force. We know that the United States has been under what the Muslim Brotherhood calls a “civilization jihad” for decades. A civilization jihad is a pre-violent stage where infiltrators work to undermine our government and culture from within. They have been chipping away at our various institutions for many years now and they have made alarming progress.

Muslim Brotherhood members are essentially writing the policy and training manuals for our security personnel. They have expunged virtually all information concerning Islam’s violent goals and its true nature. It’s gotten to the point where any security analyst that might use the term “Islamic terror” could be immediately relieved of their position.

This disinformation campaign may very well have contributed to the loss of life at the Boston Marathon bombing and the shootings in San Bernardino and Orlando. In each case, we had actionable information about the perpetrators that could have prevented them from committing their heinous attacks. However, our security personnel were prevented from acting by Muslim Brotherhood installed political correctness.

As I write this, the news came over my smartphone proclaiming the big result of the Orlando shooting is a monumental gun control debate – not Islam, not terrorism, not our wide open borders, but gun control. Is this not just what the Islamists would want us debating, gun control? Would not disarming more Americans create more fertile killing fields like the Pulse nightclub?

DHS director, Jeh Johnson, stated that to prevent more attacks like Orlando and San Bernardino we must enact “sensible” gun laws. This has become a mantra of the left – “sensible” gun laws. They never say what’s sensible. They just leave it vague and undefined because what they really want is abolition of the Second Amendment.

Think about this administration’s current efforts to bring in more Muslim refugees from terrorist infested areas of the Middle East. A majority of these refugees are young, unmarried men that the government has clearly admitted they cannot properly vet. These are young men that don’t speak our language, have little education, have no money, and will not be able to find meaningful work – a perfect mix for becoming violent and producing more acts of terror.

Does this make any sense to you? It might, if your goal is to disarm us. We have been getting these kinds of mass shootings once or twice a year. Each time the Left comes out screaming for gun control (while ignoring what motivated the shooter) but typically the fervor dies down and we have withstood their Second Amendment attacks.

What though if we started getting such a shooting once a month or maybe even once a week? It would become much more difficult. After Orlando, we have already seen Fox News hosts promoting AR-15 bans and the Republicans in Congress getting weak kneed. With hundreds of unvetted potential terrorists being released in our country, the frequency of shootings could go up dramatically providing much more hysteria and fuel to disarm us. And that’s really the goal.

The Left is playing with fire by using Islam as a way to defeat their biggest enemies – Christians and the Constitution. While they find kinship with Islam’s totalitarianism, they are not exempt from its infidel designation. The Islamists are cunning and ruthless and the Left may find that they are the ones being used.

The Second Amendment is our line in the sand. We must not allow it to be crossed at all costs. Our government fears an armed population. We must make sure it stays that way.


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