How Did We Allow Monopolies to Control Our Government and Our Lives?


Written by: George McClellan

Suppressing Constitutionally protected free speech, conservative or not, is akin to unfairly killing  off competition. We’ve seen this before, not with speech but with growing corporate measures to suppress post Civil War industrial competition. JP Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and the Rockefeller’s come to mind but there were other too, who under the laws of those time, set about stifling competition and setting market values. The major monopoly’s then were railroads, coal mining and steel production. If a company could mine it, transport it and then turn it into a sellable product thus excluding competition, well, that’s a monopoly.

Today that tawdry business lies solely in the realm of political ideas, including China’s, about whose ideas can be heard and whose ideas can’t completely ignoring the 1st Amendment of our Constitution on the grounds the electronic media monopolies are private business’s and the Constitution only prohibits Government from interfering with free speech rights. If that’s the case, then why is the Democrat Party so keenly involved by refusing to take remedial action except to encourage the sound bite monopolies to stifle all political ideas except their own, claiming anything not theirs are lies that the public should be protected from?

Creating that monopolistic control over ideas started decades ago with schools of journalism that indoctrinated rather than educate the scores of already brainwashed young liberals wanting to join the media business. It is a business Plan for disaster and here we are again, saddled with unfair competition between ideas, not steel production, coal mining or railroad haulage but with data bits, things we can’t even see but are denied to us by the Grand Wizards of the electronic means for the distribution of ideas. Who gave Bill Gates the right to censor how we transmit our thoughts and ideas. Who gave Zuckerberg the authority to set limits on our thought process’s on Facebook? And Twitter, the most egregious of all, has the gaul to cancel the account of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.  Because electronic data bits are intangibles, are they still not subject to the controls of fairness when used for nefarious purposes? Of course they are!

Students of American history once knew that the post Civil War era was followed by rapid commercial growth without controls. The scenario was inevitably accompanied by corruption, the creation of “Oligarchs” or as they were called in America’s early history, “Robber Barons” like JP Morgan, Carnegie and Rockefeller being among the most egregious. They created monopolies by railroads acquiring the products that only their RR’s could haul, ie: from mines to production to market. These corrupt schemes were disguised as  “Trusts” which the Federal Govt. lackadasily attempted to address with the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890. Teddy Roosevelt, immediately he became President, took on the problem by revitalizing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and making it work. He effectively destroyed the monopolies of (Private) big business run by the self-made tycoons of industry because as monopolies they defied fair trade concepts to the competition of ideas. Because we trade in ideas the failed concepts of Marxism must be protected from the ridicule they so richly deserve. But, to Democrats, those ideas of competition do not apply by disguising Twitter, Facebook, etc, as Free press, protected by the 4th amendment. Nonsense!  When Trump returns he’ll drive a stake in the heart of that beast.

The rotten media collaborates with evil and does it by stifling the means of distribution to protect its evil from the information that would save the American dream for the uninformed or misinformed students of government schools that will be our future leaders someday. We can’t have that any more. We face our challenge and its time to act!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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