Here Comes John (Kasich)…Again


Opinion by George McClellan:

Not ignoring the continued Islamic attacks against western culture, other items of importance reveal themselves that should be addressed. I’m referring to the continued scheme by pushy Ohio Governor John Kasich, indefatigable champion of global warming, to position himself as the primary challenger to Donald Trump in 2020 and place the elite driven, corrupt American government he so loves (the swamp), into his capable hands. John knows the way! Hummn?

He made the usual perfunctory comment by a nobody, about the most recent Islamic London Bridge attack: “We stand in solidarity with our great ally and send our prayers across the Atlantic, Now more than ever we must strongly keep the trust of our allies.”  The “strongly keep the trust of our allies,” bit was Kasich’s dig at President Trump’s abandoning the silly Paris Peace accord. Specifically, The Ohio Governor said:

”Rather than withdrawing the United States from the climate agreement and relinquishing our historic role of world leadership (Obama already did that,Trump reclaimed it), the Trump Administration should have worked to improve the treaty from within (how?). Continuing, he added: “Let’s be clear. I wasn’t happy with the original agreement, (a sop to conservatives) especially in light of the Obama administration’s failure to work with Republicans in Congress on terms acceptable to both parties.” “But, I know that climate change is real.” (It’s called weather John, and fuzzy thinking like that should kill your campaign right there) “It is a global issue and will need a global agreement to address.” (it’s only an issue to believers in global wealth redistribution). “And we could have (re)negotiated that agreement in ways that would not needlessly destroy jobs” (Clearly, Kasich has bought into the fake news of American job loss when just the opposite is true). “The Trump Administration could have shown leadership by working to improve the agreement”:  (It did! He took us right out of it).

“The largest emitters of greenhouse gases (China & India) could have been asked to commit to concrete, obligatory reductions in emissions”; (they were, and they declined)

“The agreement could have targeted the root cause of global warming greenhouse gas emissions, (from what source, the sun or those hundreds of pesky volcanoes?), instead of an indirect measure such as aggregate global temperature; and….

More thorough analysis of the costs and the benefits could have provided greater assurance that jobs were not unnecessarily being put at risk. (It has been done John, by Conservatives not agenda driven radical marxist numbers crunchers) “A properly negotiated agreement could actually have ended up driving innovation and creating jobs.” (Dealing with EU leftists leaders will never happen. Besides, innovation and creativity are not government jobs).

“By withdrawing from the agreement, the Administration has passed up an opportunity both to expand U.S leadership in clean energy technology and to create well-paid American jobs with a future.” (Green energy policy is not a government function as Obama’s pet project failures proved. If people want it they’ll buy it. If it cannot compete in the market place, without government interference, then it’s not wanted. This is the very essence of Americanism).

America cannot afford a return to Kasich’s idea of Americanism. American’s are not for a One World Government either. We can’t afford it and we don’t need it. It’s unamerican after all.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (5Jun17)


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