July 14, 2017
NEWS FLASH…It’s now being reported by the Communist News Network (AKA CNN) that, thru a reliable leakier, 172 million Russian KGB spies voted for Donald Trump in last years election! Their crying Impeach him! He’s guilty of treason!
Watching CNN’s “Crack Journalists”, (as well as all the “MSM” main stream media), interview people, (if there are any people who still do), is like viewing a bunch of bilious morons foam at the mouth while they do all they can to destroy our country.
So, what is the truth about Russian Hacking? One look at the health care software developed for ObamaCare one can conclude the Russians, as well as other countries, had the capability to penetrate our computer systems at the highest levels. But wait a minute. If they could crack our secured systems what about an unsecured system located in a closet somewhere? After spending my life in the software development business I believe they would have a cakewalk into Hillary’s Server. As they logged onto her system what did they find? “33left”, “15 right”, “21 left”…click…welcome into “Pandora’s Box”. What kind of information would the Secretary of State have on her system? Would she have the passwords to the highest levels of the DNC? How about access to other countries servers like the French for example? Seems like the Russians also interfered in their recent election. The list goes on until this day folks so who is really guilty of Treason? 
As we celebrate the birthday of our great nation once again, one has to wonder how close our lives are today to the beliefs of our Founding Fathers. Would they see our country as sound constitutionally or, would they be appalled at how far we’ve drifted from their intent?  Are the predictions of Brutus, (AKA Robert Yates), the author of the October 18, 1787 Essay I, coming true before our very eyes? After all Hamilton, with the support of Madison, in writing the Federalist Paper 84 was bitterly opposed to a “Bill of Rights” in the Constitution. If not for the determination of the Anti-Federalists we would not have a “Bill of Rights as law today”.
When one takes a close look at the First Amendment, for example, you quickly see the answer to how close we are to the original intent. Consider a coach of a local high school football team kneeling before a game to pray with his players. The amendment states that “Congress” shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit the free exercise thereof. It goes on to state that the people have the right to peaceably assemble. So where in this scenario did the coach replace congress and make a law? We’ve allowed the heathens to turn the first amendment around as well as many of the others.
This brings us to “Repeal and Replace” “ObamaCare”. Does anyone believe our vacuous members of congress are capable of doing this? Is the Federal Government capable of running the people’s health care insurance? Is any healthcare insurance good for the people no matter who administers it? When you look in the weeds the answer is a resounding no. All one has to do is look at the case of 11 month old Charlie Gard and the answer is clear even to the greatest skeptic.
We as a nation are fast approaching our Abapical position!
 Ed Huber

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